No one should tell me when to retire: Tendulkar

Zeenews Sports Bureau

Mumbai: Days after he scored his much-awaited 100th ton, India’s batting genius Sachin Tendulkar said that nobody should tell him when to retire as he will continue to play as long as he loves to play the game.

The little master also said that he would decide about retiring from the game at the right time but as long as he enjoys playing the game, retirement is not there on his mind.

“I don’t think I need to prove anything to anybody. I started playing cricket because of the love and passion I had towards the game. My dream was to play for India and to win the World Cup. I have achieved both. I don’t think there can be anything which is greater for me,” he said.

Lashing out at his critics, Tendulkar said that they were not the ones who got him into the team and it has taken 23 years to reach where he is today.

Tendulkar said that during his journey from the 99th to the 100th century, he realized that luck was not by his side as he gave in 100 percent in terms of passion and preparations.

“There were patches when I didn’t bat well and then there were patches where I felt I batted the best. I analyzed that sometimes luck also plays a very important role. As far as my preparations and passion towards the game was concerned, I gave my 100 percent, but not always you achieve what you actually dream of,” said Sachin.

Answering a question about who was his own hero, the 38-year-old said that his father continued to be his hero and he always follows him as a person.

Tendulkar also thanked his fans across the world who had been praying for his 100th ton.

When asked about the most proud moment of his career, Tendulkar said that being included in Don Bradman’s dream XI is something which is of great honour for him.

When asked to judge himself, Tendulkar revealed that while it was not possible for him to do so he always wanted to be one of the top cricketers to have played the game.

“I had a dream which was to be regarded as one of the top batsmen to have played the game. And I reckon I have reached that league. But it’s for you all to pass a judgment upon me as its tough for me to do so,” Tendulkar said.

The master said that we all go through rough patches in our lives but what is important is that we should not lose hope.

“The most important thing for a sportsperson or an individual is not to be hopeless. To score that hundredth ton I had to wait just for a year, but it took me 22 years to see my team winning the World Cup. All of us go through bad phases, it’s important not to lose hope,” he said.