No vote for Fletcher in team selection

Updated: May 14, 2011, 00:15 AM IST

Chennai: Duncan Fletcher, who took charge of the Indian cricket team, was provided a subtle "dos and don`ts" list as it were in the course of his first media conference on Friday.

When asked whether as a coach he had a vote in the selection committee meetings, board secretary N. Srinivasan who was present, butted in to clarify: "Actually, the five selectors only have the vote."

Later, Fletcher was queried on the policy of rotating the players so as to provide them time to rest and recuperate. Again, Srinivasan slipped in his reply by saying it was up to the selectors to decide.

"It is a selection matter. He can give advice, but ultimately it comes in the area of selection. I am sure that since the coach sits in the selection committee meetings, he will give his views which will be taken on board by the selectors," said Srinivasan.

Asked about the selection process to decide on hiring a coach, Srinivasan said: "I do not think we can go into the selection process of coach.

"I must say that Fletcher came highly recommended by many people, particularly the outgoing coach Gary Kristen.

"Of course, his reputation has preceded his appointment as the new coach. I do not think it was a difficult decision for BCCI to make."