Non-India matches get record ratings during WC

Updated: Feb 25, 2011, 18:13 PM IST

New Delhi: The cricket World Cup is getting lapped up by Indian cricket fans.

According to the data shared by research agency TAM, the average rating of the first four non-India matches too has been a very impressive 2.23 TVR in top six metros.

The match between Netherland and England rated 2.8 TVR with a peak rating of 8.87 TVR. Three of the first four non-India matches have rated more than 2 TVR in the top six metros. This is 5 times the rating achieved by top non-India series in recent times. The tournament is averaging 4.2 TVR in top 6 metros at the end of the 5th match.

Overall, the 5 matches have been watched by 53 per cent of the audience in Top 6 Metros, which translates to around 38 Mn individuals. Taking the warm-up matches and the opening ceremony into account, the tournament has already been watched
by a whopping 42 Mn individuals in top 6 Metros, according to the data.

Commenting on the rating success enjoyed by the tournament so far, Sanjay Kailash, Executive Vice President - Ad Sales & New Media, ESPN Software India Pvt. Ltd, said, "After the blockbuster opening match, the non-India matches too are
setting new trends in viewership and I am absolutely delighted with the response the ICC Cricket World Cup has received".