Not happy with Afridi`s decision to move court: Manager

Karachi: Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi`s manager has admitted he was not happy nor in agreement with the all-rounder`s decision to move court against the PCB.

Umran Khan, whose company Aces and Middle East represents
number of Pakistani players made it clear he wasn`t really happy with the threat of legal action taken by his star client.

"It wasn`t a situation that I was really happy with. When he (Afridi) left for England, it was a simple situation. We had answered the showcause notice (PCB) and we`d accepted the breaches of the articles. But once he got back to Pakistan then people started influencing him and I couldn`t control that as I was here in England," Umran told a website.

Having worked with a lot of the Pakistani players, Umran had learnt a lot that their mentality is different. Umran said that Pakistani players opt for the public bravado rather than using common sense. He said common sense would dictate that you face the punishment and move on.

"What they actually did was take the long way around and end up doing exactly what I said. He could have just faced the disciplinary committee as was planned, got the fine, and accepted that he`d broken the code of conduct and he`d probably have been playing for Hampshire a lot sooner than now," Umran said.

"Like I said, I wasn`t part of the decision to go with the legal threat. Shahid would let me know what was happening but it was a situation I wasn`t entirely in agreement with.

"But that`s done now. We`ve got to move on now. He`s got a big fine to pay and we`ve got to make sure he can pay it," he added.

Afridi went to the Sindh High Court challenging the disciplinary process initiated against him by the PCB for breaching the code of conduct. But later, he withdrew the petition and appeared before the disciplinary committee that has fined him 4.5 million rupees but permitted him the NOC to go and play for Hampshire.

Umran felt that the fine was quite excessive. "It`s a lot of money. But if you look back at then I think that the PCB were left in a situation where they had to come across strongly. I think it would have been different had Shahid faced the committee on the original hearing. He might have received a lesser fine at that time. But going back to your question, I think it`s excessive. But once you`ve been fined then you have to pay the fine," he noted.

Umran also made it clear that Shahid had more problems with the Pakistan team management rather than the board. "Shahid has said that the major issues are with the management. I could be reading it wrong but from my understanding the board isn`t the major issue. "The board is responsible for the running of Pakistani cricket but the daily running of the team is done by the management. The team management affects the team a lot more than the board. I`d say it has more to do with the management then it does with the board," he added.


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