Oz media says Kangaroos could win Ashes inside 11 days with 3-0 lead

Sydney: The Australian media has claimed that when Australia wrapped up the 2002-03 Ashes series in just 11 playing days historians decreed it a record for the swiftest Ashes hatchet job in a five Test series and many observers felt we would never see anything like it again but it is about to happen again.

According to News.com.au, it seemed like a freakish alignment of planets that saw a generation of exceptional Australian players peaking together in the current Ashes series.

If Australia wraps up the second Test today then completes a three-day victory in always-spicy Perth the unrepeatable series will be repeated and the 11-day record will be matched, the report said.

It probably won`t happen but even victory in 12 or 13 days is remarkable for a side, which just lost 3-0 to the same team, the report added.

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