Oz media target Sachin; say his ‘deepest shame’ at SCG

Zeenews Sports Bureau

Sydney: The Australian media on Monday started playing mind games with Sachin Tendulkar ahead of the second Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground, accusing him of not coming clean on the Harbhajan Singh-Andrew Symonds ‘Monkeygate’ scandal, years after it has been buried and forgotten.

“The stage may be set at the SCG for Sachin Tendulkar`s finest hour but it is also the venue where his deepest shame was born. Some recent Australian players have not forgiven his role in the Andrew Symonds ‘Monkeygate’ scandal,” wrote Herald Sun website.

The leading Australian news site also added, “But despite the unparalleled greatness of his achievements, some Australians lost respect for him when he gave completely different accounts of what took place as a key witness in the Harbhajan Singh-Andrew Symonds racism meltdown.

The site also quoted Adam Gilchrist in his book True Colours, who retired at the end of that 2007-08 season, was furious, describing the appeal as a "joke".

"Tendulkar, who`d said at the first hearing that he hadn`t been able to hear what Harbhajan had said - and he was a fair way away, up the other end, so I`m certain he was telling the truth - now supported Harbhajan`s version that he hadn`t called Symo a `monkey` but instead a Hindi term of abuse that might sound like `monkey` to Australian ears," Gilchrist wrote.

"The Indians got him off the hook when they, of all people, should have been treating the matter of racial vilification with the utmost seriousness."

The media attack on Sachin Tendulkar comes in wake of the fact that he is in good form to go into the second Test at Sydney and his phenomenal record at the SCG makes him the favourite to score the unparalleled feat of 100 international centuries.