‘Oz team has improved enough to merit overhaul of Argus report’

Dominica: Australia has performed with enough distinction to force Argus` panelists to withdraw several comments from their last review, if they were to conduct another assessment this year.

The 2011 Argus report had slammed all aspects of the Australian team and described their performances against leading teams as ``sub-standard``, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

It said Australia had ``not found replacement bowlers anywhere near the calibre of McGrath and Warne, or indeed an attack that can take 20 wickets consistently``.

But Australia has taken 20 wickets in two of their previous nine Tests leading up to the Argus report ``with typically only one or two bowlers bearing a benchmark of 30 runs per wicket``.

“Probably no bowler has developed more quickly than Lyon, whose performance on his first tour to the Caribbean - 13 wickets at 26 - again underlined his reputation for being a fast learner,” the report said.

The report said that Lyon had rebounded from a fruitless day four in the Windies’ fourth innings chase.

Australia`s 2-0 success against the West Indies has taken them up a rung to third on the world rankings, behind England and South Africa, it added.