Pak cricket structure needs `dire` change, not batting coach: Miandad

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2013, 17:13 PM IST

Karachi: Pakistan cricket icon and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Director General Javed Miandad has said that there was a dire need of improvement in the cricket structure of the country instead of having a batting coach.

Miandad believes that Pakistan sorely needs improvement in their domestic cricket structure to have a strong back up for producing quality and world-class players.

Miandad said that as he believed that a cricketer is also his own coach, therefore the team does not need specialist coaches for all the three departments if they polish and groom their youth and upcoming players well, and can get desired results with only one coach.

Stating that the team had two or three back-up teams which used to wait for their entry in the national squad during his era, Miandad also said that due to having ample back-up behind, all the players had to put extra efforts in giving their best performances and in case they would not perform, the best replacements were already there.

However, Miandad lamented that there is no enough back up to replace the current players, adding that even though there is no dearth of talent in the country, there is a need to improve structure through which they can explore and get the best lot of players in the team.

Dismissing suggestions that he was drawing hefty amounts from the board and doing nothing for the betterment of cricket, Miandad further said that he and others like him have contributed a lot to Pakistan cricket which cannot be paid back, adding that the amount the board is paying to him is in fact very low as compared to his calibre.

Miandad also said that there are many players who earn more than his salary for a month just by appearing in a few TV programmes even if they do not have much worth.

Although Miandad declined to render his services as a full-time batting coach, he said that he could take up the role for a short time to help batsmen improve their techniques and skills.

Stating that the team should forget about their past disasters and focus on the upcoming West Indies tour, Miandad also said that he hoped for the team to have a good performance in the Caribbean because of the favourable conditions in the country.