Pak`s Election Commission refuses to conduct elections for PCB chairman

Islamabad: Pakistan cricket remains in a mess with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) reportedly saying that it is unable to conduct the elections to select a new chairman for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as it does not have the mandate to do so.

According to the Daily Times, sources claimed that the PCB, following the directions of the Islamabad High Court, approached the ECP for conducting the elections and also sent the copy of the decision of the court, although they added that the ECP refused to conduct the elections as it is not in their mandate.

However, a PCB spokesman said that ECP was of the view that if it conducted the election of the PCB chairman then it would set a new precedent and will be obligated to hold elections of various institutions that would be seeking relief from the courts.

The report further said that elected presidents of the regional and district cricket bodies besides the representatives of the departments affiliated with the PCB would elect the new chairman after the court stopped the then chairman Mohammad Zaka Ashraf from working, terming his election `dubious`.