Pakistan Cricket Board to approve new constitution

Karachi: The Pakistan Cricket Board is set next week to adopt a new constitution intended to make the appointment of its chairman more democratic and weaken political influence.

The changes come as the board prepares to hold a fresh election to end a long-running power struggle for the top job.

"The amended constitution is approved by the Supreme Court and is a truly democratic document and will guarantee an end to the uncertainty in the PCB," acting chairman Najam Sethi said Tuesday.

The post of PCB chairman has changed five times since May over an electoral dispute.

According to the new constitution, the holder of the post -- which was previously filled by the government of the day -- will now be elected from a ten-member Board of Governors.

Observers say the move will weaken the influence of the national prime minister because he will only nominate two of the board`s ten members.

Sethi has announced he would not contest the election but would remain part of the board.

The new chairman must hold a bachelors degree, be a citizen of Pakistan and have a clean criminal record.

A PCB chairman will be elected for a three-year tenure but can be voted out by the board. He may be re-elected once.

The International Cricket Council had warned member countries of sanctions unless they ended government interference in the sport by June 2013.

But the body later backed down on the warning, saying it was not viable in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh where governments have a major say in cricketing matters.