Pakistan to abide by ICC directive on govt interference

Karachi: Pakistan cricket will not challenge the International Cricket Council`s (ICC) directive to member boards to free themselves from government interference within two years.

The ICC annual conference upheld a constitutional amendment last week to provide for the principle of free elections and the independence of member boards.

In Pakistan, the president is the chief patron of the board (PCB) and directly appoints the chairman.

"We have no intention of challenging the ICC ruling as it was approved by the general council in Hong Kong last week," PCB Chief Operating Officer Subhan Ahmad said.

The PCB would soon meet with government officials to inform them about the ICC ruling.

"Once our chairman, Ejaz Butt, returns home later this month he will brief the chief patron on the changed scenario," Ahmad added.

The ICC has given members a maximum of two years to reorganise their boards or face sanctions.

Ahmad said that after consulting legal advisors and meeting government official the PCB would start working on making the necessary amendments in its constitution to bring it in line with ICC requirements.

"It will take a few months but we also want to ensure this process is completed without a hitch," he added.

Last month, PCB Chairman, Ejaz Butt called for an end to political interference in the board`s row with former captain Shahid Afridi, saying it was damaging the sport.

Bureau Report