Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar calls for consistent use of technology in cricket

Islamabad: Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar, who has won three consecutive ICC Umpire of the Year awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011, has strongly backed the use of technology in cricket, and has called for its consistent utilization.

In an exclusive interview with, Dar claimed consistent use of technology in cricket would make the task easier for umpires.

When asked whether he was in favor of the Decision Review System (DRS), Dar said: “Definitely. I’m strongly in favour of the DRS and I think it’s very helpful to umpires sometimes.”

“Some umpires do find it uncomfortable having to reverse a decision that they have made in front of thousands at the ground and millions on television. But umpires are human they will make mistakes too. One incorrect decision can change the whole scenario of a match and that’s why I am in favour of the DRS,” he added.

“However there has to be consistency though with the technology that is made available. In the recent Sri Lanka versus England series the hotspot technology was not being used. To have the use of consistent elements of technology at each match would make it easier for players, spectators and umpires alike. DRS ensures that most decisions can be corrected,” he said.

When Dar was quizzed about his viewpoint whether the hotspot technology should be used in every cricket series, he replied: “Yes absolutely. That technology is being made available in series in Australia and England and it’s definitely benefiting the decision making process.”

“Also the super slow motion cameras - this type of technology definitely helps the umpires. If all this technology was available in every series then it would bring about consistency to the DRS process,” he added.