PCB chief to enjoy absolute power under new constitution

Updated: Feb 20, 2013, 10:36 AM IST

Karachi: PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf will enjoy absolute power under the recently-amended constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board, the country`s media has reported.

The details of the amended constitution approved by chief patron Asif Zardari, are yet to be made public, but reports suggested that it will give Ashraf unlimited powers.

The move to amend the PCB`s constitution has been made in order to bring it in line with the ICC directives.

A report says that in the new constitution sitting Chairman, Ashraf will hold the post until 2017.

The procedure for his selection will be that the chief patron will nominate a two-member committee to recommend Ashraf`s name, which will then be ratified by the General Council members, including representatives of the regional associations and departments.

"Basically, it will be a selection and not an election. The chairman in the new constitution also has complete powers to appoint the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial officer and takes decisions on the captain, coach and team issues without seeking approval from the General Council as is the case in the existing constitution," one report said.

It claimed that the new constitution will strengthen Ashraf`s position in the board.

Until now the Patron in Chief directly appointed the chairman of the board without having to consult anyone.

Former players have been criticising the system of governance in the board for years now, with the ire mainly directly towards the chairman for running a one-man show.