PCB dumps selector Jaffer, offers no fresh contract

Karachi: Former Pakistan Test pacer Salim Jaffer appears to have fallen out of favour with the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board Ijaz Butt as he has not been sent an offer letter to continue as a national selector.

Sources say that since the contracts of the selectors are expiring on July 31st, fresh offer letters have been sent to all of them with the exception of Jaffer.

Under the present system, the board has three paid selectors and two co-opted selectors to assist the chief selector, Mohsin Hasan Khan.

But, while offer letters have been sent to paid selectors, Muhammad Illyas and Azhar Khan and co-opted selectors, Asif Baloch and Farrukh Zaman, there is no word on Jaffer.

The reason for the former pacer losing favour in the board is a dispute over the way the national squad for the England tour was announced last month in Sri Lanka.

Jaffer privately complained to an influential member of the governing council of the board that Mohsin Khan, who flew to Sri Lanka to consult the team formation with the captain, coach and the PCB chief, didn’t bother to consult the other selectors before announcing the 17-member squad.

“Jaffer was upset over the way the board had sidelined Younus Khan and some other deserving players without assigning any valid reasons for a tough tour like England,” a source said.

“Now the selector is being charged with trying to fan a conspiracy against Mohsin Khan who is presently in the good books of the PCB chief due to his “yes man” qualities,” the source added.

When contacted, Jaffer said he didn’t think the reports about other selectors getting offer letters was correct.

“I have spoken to one of the selectors and he has not got any offer letter so I don’t think letters have gone out as yet. But if I get an offer definitely I will accept it because to serve as a national selector is an honour for me,” Jaffer said.

The sources, however, said that Jaffer was not lying low and contacting his close friends and influential people to save his job.

“This dispute comes at a time when Butt is also facing some heat over the way he has handled recent issues particularly the Younus Khan affair as there are many in the government also who feel the board is victimising the former captain only because he has refused to apologies like other players to the Chairman over the recent penalties imposed on seven players,” the source said.