PCB needs to rebuild trust with ICC: Pak editorial

London: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) needs to come up with a proper and long-term strategy if it wants to rebuild trust with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the global community to bring back international cricket to Pakistan.

This view has been expressed in an Express Tribune editorial.

The editorial says that as a first step, the PCB brass needs to arrive at an agreement with the ICC on acceptable security benchmarks, and for this to happen, there has to be close liaison between the ICC Security Unit and the Pakistan Government.

The ICC and its members continue to insist that the PCB must ensure the safety and security of visiting players.

As the sport`s world governing body, the ICC says that it has to have confidence in the assurances it receives from the PCB that security won`t be a problem.

The editorial`s strident criticism of the PCB comes in the wake of Pakistan being unable to earn the right to host a single International Cricket Council (ICC) event till at least 2023.

It says that this reflects the chaotic and unorganized state of the PCB over the past five years.

It goes on to say that the PCB has utterly failed to have its position understood on the global stage.

The editorial says that the PCB should also have strongly objected to the allocation of the 2023 World Cup solely to India and registered its concern over the lack of transparency and reserved rights to re-open this matter.

It said that it is unfathomable to imagine that Pakistan attended the annual conference and not asked for hosting rights for any ICC event in the coming 10 years.