PCB`s interim chief wants results from national team

Karachi: The interim chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Najam Sethi has sent out a clear warning to the national selectors and team management to start delivering the goods.

"My mind is clear that not only the national selection committee but the captain, coach and manager are all responsible for the performance of the team," Sethi told reporters in Lahore.

"And we are going to have a process of accountability for everyone including the national team and selectors. There will be two kinds of accountability... One is rewards for good performances and results and the other I don`t want to stress on," he said.

Sethi, who has been appointed by the Prime Minister to look after cricket affairs after the Islamabad High Court`s suspension order on Zaka Ashraf, said in present scenario he got the impression that no one was willing to accept responsibility for the team`s performance.

"The selectors say they pick a squad and it is prerogative of team management to pick playing XI and the captain and coach say they manage with the selectors give them. But it is now clear they all are responsible for the team`s performance," he said.

Sethi also made it clear that selection of national team should be strictly on merit.

"I have told the selectors they must not come under any pressure and if they have a problem they should speak to me. I want to have minimal interference in selection matters but we also expect results to improve in future series," he said.

Sethi said since the selectors and team management had already discussed the selection for the coming West Indies tour.

"I would like to see the team doing well because the people have been badly disappointed with the way the team performed in the Champions Trophy," he said.