PCB to review employment contracts of former players: Sources

Updated: Jul 01, 2012, 22:41 PM IST

Lahore: The PCB have warned a number of former Test players that their employment contracts with the board have lapsed on June 30th and might not be renewed again.

A senior official of the board confirmed that around 50 employees including some former Test players had been notified by the board that their contracts have ended on June 30th.

"So far we have not taken a decision on whether to renew all or some of these contracts as this is something for the Chairman of the board to have a final view on," the official said.

Sources said the former players who have been notified by the board about the end of their contracts include former Test captain Wasim Bari who has also served as chief executive Abdul Qadir, Shafqat Rana, Azmat Rana etc.

"The board is reviewing its administrative budget due to the existing financial situation but so far we have just informed these people their contracts have ended with us," the official said.

Sources said the affected employees also include number of coaches working for the board at the NCA in Lahore or regional academies or with regional teams.

The PCB in the past has faced plenty of criticism over its administrative budget and spendings. One source said former Test captains, Intikhab Alam and Javed Miandad who hold several important positions in the board were safe from the notification.

"Their contracts are running and the board has no desire at this time to release either of them as they are important members of the board," one source said.

The PCB has complained about financial problems due to Test playing nations refusing to play in Pakistan since 2009 when militants attacked the Sri Lankan team in Lahore.