Petition filed against Malik in Lahore High Court

Lahore: A citizen has filed a petition in the Lahore High Court alleging that Shoaib Malik and his family violated government regulations while organising their wedding reception at Sialkot.

Hasan Shahzad in his petition has prayed that the Lahore High Court will take notice of the fact that electricity was wasted and the one-dish rule for weddings was violated at the reception yesterday.

"Basically the Lahore High Court will now decide whether the petition has merit to be admitted for regular hearing," a senior lawyer said.

The petitioner has said that during the wedding reception Malik and his family despite several warnings from WAPDA made extravagant use of electricity to decorate their house and the reception venue.

He has also alleged that while the government has made it mandatory that only one dish is allowed to be served at marriages Malik and his family had several dishes on their menu.

In another petition filed by a citizen he has alleged that people who purchased invitation cards for the wedding reception were not allowed entry and their money should be refunded.

The wedding reception largely turned out to be a mismanaged affair as the organisers claimed that hundreds of people showed up without invitation cards.