Ponting urges India to embrace DRS

Ponting urges India to embrace DRS

Perth: Former Australian captain and batsman Ricky Ponting has joined former England skipper Mike Brearley in calling for India to accept the Decision Review System (DRS), notwithstanding its existing imperfections.

While Brearley admits that India`s enormous political clout within the International Cricket Council (ICC) means some countries aren`t prepared to stand their ground and challenge their point of view, Ponting says the DRS clearly improves the game and represents the way forward for world cricket.

"As international players, one thing you strive for is uniformity around the world and right at the moment we haven`t got that," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Ponting, as saying ahead of Friday`s third Test against India in Perth.

He added: "We played one series a (few) weeks ago against South Africa where you`re using a certain system and then a couple of weeks later you come (home and) you`re not using that system. That`s the only disappointing thing about it.”

Ponting said: "When it first came in, my understanding was it was going to be used in every series and it hasn`t turned out that way. One thing that we`ve learnt about the system is that it`s not always perfect.”

He added: "But the bottom line is we are actually getting more correct decisions as a result of using the system than we are with not using the system and that has got to be great for the game."

Ponting and Brearley’s views come in the wake of the MCC World Cricket Committee meeting in Cape Town this week and urging the ICC to ensure uniformity in the implementation of the DRS.