Rahul Dravid rejects comparison with Virender Sehwag

Melbourne: Veteran Indian batsman Rahul Dravid has rejected comparisons with opening batsman Virender Sehwag.

“I’m never going to be a [Virender] Sehwag. That’s not me, but when I’m playing well and things are flowing for me, my scoring rate does improve. I feel in good position, I feel balanced, I am able to get fully forward, get fully back. I create more opportunities to score runs,” The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Dravid, as saying.

“Then when I struggle, I can get into my shell and get really tight. Part of my nature is to fight through things. A lot of guys will hit their way out of trouble but my defence mechanism, my fallback, is to fight through the difficult times,” he added.

Dravid, who has scored five centuries this year, said he was inspired by Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar who made a comeback after undergoing a slump in his career.

“He went through a tough period and he came out of that. That was an inspiration to me. Being in the same dressing room as him, he was having a golden run while I was going through one of my worst times,” Dravid said.

Recalling the 2003 Test series against Australia, Dravid said he believed that he was playing his last Test match and described it as his tough time.

“As much as you try to remain calm on the outside and try to not let it affect you, or the people around you or the team, you are always very conscious that you``re playing a team game. But in the quiet of your room, it is tough,” Dravid said.

“Especially if you have been someone who has contributed a lot for your team over the years, then to get the feeling that the team is carrying you is something that is not easy to get used to … It was a difficult period for me,” he said.

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