Aussies will continue to sledge during Ashes: Johnson

ANI| Updated: Nov 27, 2013, 18:49 PM IST

Sydney: Pacer Mitchell Johnson indicated Wednesday that Australia will keep sledging England during the Ashes series.

Johnson claimed that the visitors were rattled by the on-field threat in the first Ashes Test, reports Xinhua.

"I think it`s worked for us. I definitely think they`re rattled by it," Johnson told reporters in Perth.

"Obviously, their coach has come out and wanted a truce from what I`ve heard. That`s not going to change from our end."

The England cricket team is struggling to regroup for the second Test in Adelaide following their 381-run loss to Australia in Brisbane and veteran batsman Jonathan Trott`s departure from the Ashes tour due to a stress-related condition.

"It (sledging) was pretty quiet the whole match until sort of closer to the end and we know there`s definitely tension there, there always has been," Johnson said.

"So, I thought it was really good what Michael did as a captain, that`s what you want your captain to do, to stand up for the players and that`s what he did," he said.