Bailey hails `cricket nuffy` Boof`s history tests for keeping team learning

ANI| Updated: Dec 26, 2013, 12:04 PM IST

Sydney: Australian Test `debutant` George Bailey has hailed coach and `cricket nuffy` Darren Lehmann`s random history Tests for keeping the Australian team grounded and constantly learning.

The captain of Australia`s Twenty20 team is no stranger to cricket theories, but reveals that his first two months in the Test change room have been `fascinating` as Lehmann, already revered for his ability to united his charges, had adopted some quirky methods.

According to, Bailey said that for all the jovial nature that he puts across, Lehmann is a real student of the game and is `pretty hard` on them about the history of the game, adding that he has caught a few players out over facts like reciting their Test number and who played before them and after them.

Bailey further said that quite often during the game, Lehmann would get a player to give a 3-4 minute spiel about a past player who might have done well at a particular ground or whose name has popped up during the week, adding that he (Bailey) finds Lehmann`s nature in this case very interesting.

Bailey also lauded another new mentor in skipper Michael Clarke , saying that he believes that Clarke is far and away the best captain he has ever played under in terms of driving a game forward and never letting an ideal moment go, adding that he is always tinkering with the field, or the bowling plans while keeping it simple for the bowlers.