Boycott warns England to brace themselves for 5-0 humiliation in Ashes

ANI| Updated: Dec 16, 2013, 12:05 PM IST

London: After the worst day yet in a nightmare Ashes series, dejected Geoffrey Boycott predicts Australia will punish their old enemy even further and may go on to win 5-0.

According to the Mirror, England fans have been warned to brace themselves for a 5-0 walloping following their worst day of a nightmare series.

At some point in the next two days, Geoff Boycott expects to see Australia go 3-0 up and regain the Ashes then punish their old enemy further in Melbourne and Sydney, the report said.

With Stuart Broad suffering a badly bruised right foot and unable to bowl, England were humiliated as Australia`s procession towards the urn picked up pace, the report added.

Whatever England did, whether it was trying to get close to Australia`s total in the morning or trying to take wickets and stem the flow of runs in the afternoon, nothing worked, the report further said.

Boycott said that he was dejected and the wheels are coming off sadly, adding that he never believed it but now he can see a 5-0 drubbing coming.