England vs Australia, 5th ODI, Adelaide - As it happened...

By Manushree Chaumal | Updated: Jan 26, 2014, 09:03 AM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Manushree Chaumal


England innings

Over 49.4 || Score 212

Australia win by 5 runs

Australian bowlers tilted the fortunes for the team and how ! A perfect gift from the team on Australia Day. Watson asked to deliver the last over, took Tredwell's wicket with 2 balls remaining. England lost a match they had almost won!

Tredwell c Wade b Watson 0 (4b)


Over 49 || Score 210/9

What an interesting change of tide for Australia. England lose their 9th wicket in form of Bopara! 8 runs from 6 balls with one wicket remaining.

Bopara st Wade b McKay 25 (44b, 2x4)


Over 48 || Score 206/8

Two runs off 48th over. 12 runs from 12 balls.


Over 47 || Score 204/8

England need 14 runs to win from 18 balls.

The match is turning out to be a thriller with the Oz bowlers on a roll. First it was Bresnan who was run out in the 46th over. Stuart Broad's was England's 8th wicket in the next over.

Bresnan run out 13 (14b, 1x6)
Broad b McKay 7 (4b, 1x4)


Over 45 || Score 160/5

England need 26 runs to win.

England lose their sixth wicket in form of Buttler. McKay at deep midwicket took an easy catch off Coulter-Nile's short pitched delivery. On one hand where England were in the driver's seat, now they need to be cautious in their approach. Tim Bresnan joins Bopara.

Buttler c McKay b Coulter-Nile 5 (9b)


Over 40 || Score 160/5

England need 58 runs to win.

Morgan and Root both have fallen to Faulkner. The English reign is being handled by Buttler and Bopara now. First, it was Morgan who hit Faulkner's delivery to mid-off where Watson took an easy catch to dismiss him. Faulkner's next victim was Root who was caught by Doherty at short fine leg.

Morgan c Watson b Faulkner 39 (40b, 3x4, 1x6)
Root c Doherty b Faulkner 55 (86b, 3x4, 1x6)


Over 35 || Score 148/3

England need 70 runs to win.

Root and Morgan are doing well for England,. Australia need quick wickets soon to save the match. Else it's slipping away.


Over 25 || Score 95/3

England need 123 runs to win.

Bell and Cook had stitched a partnership of 61 runs before Cook fell to Coulter-Nile in the 24th over. Eoin Morgan joined Root at the crease after Cook's departure. Cook has done the job half, and now the duo need to carry forward the momentum for a win.

Cook c Bailey b Coulter-Nile 39 (62b, 3x4)


Over 15 || Score 55/2

England need 163 runs to win.

Ben Stokes fell to McKay in the 8th over. The short ball was played by Stokes to the midwicket where Marsh took an easy catch for England wicket number two. But after the initial hiccup, England batsmen have been scoring well. Cook and Root would look forward to finish the game, without loss of more wickets.

Stokes c Marsh b McKay 0 (6b)


Over 6 || Score 23/1

England need 195 runs to win.

Australia have got their first breakthrough right in six overs. Opener Ian Bell was the first wicket to fall. Bell hit the Coulter-Nile delivery at the mid-off straight to the fielder positioned there. Cook is joined by Ben Stokes now.

Bell c Finch b Coulter-Nile 14 (23b, 3x4)


Australian innings

Over 50 || Score 217/9

England have managed to resritc the Aussies to 217, quite a chasable target. The bowlers have done their part, now it is up to the batting line up to take the lead and register a win. England need 218 runs to win the match. Meanwhile, Jordan had a blast in the last over, dismissing two batsmen in consecutive deliveries. First it was Faulkner and next in line was Coulter-Nile. The last over added three runs with the loss of two wickets.

Faulkner c Morgan b Jordan 27 (27b, 2x4)
Coulter-Nile lbw b Jordan 15 (18b, 1x4)


Over 43 || Score 176/7

Wade followed his partner Bailey soon after his departure. Broad got his third wicket for the day. Broad's delivery claimed the leg stump to dismiss Wade. Nathan Coulter-Nile and Faulkner are at the crease now.

Wade b Broad 31 (46b, 2x4)


Over 41 || Score 167/6

Bailey and Wade had been playing well for last t en overs, but it is England who are dominating the Aussies. Bailey's was the sixth wicket to fall in the 41st over. Stokes got his third wicket for the day. Bailey hit the ball towards the mid on where Broad took an excellent catch to send him back. It's trouble brewing for the Aussies now.

Bailey c Broad b Stokes 56 (74b, 4x4)


Over 30 || Score 113/5

Australia lost their fifth wicket in the 29th over. Maxwell, who was doing well till now, edged the ball to the keeper, to lose his wicket. Matthew Wade and Bailey now handle the Aussie reigns.

Maxwell c Buttler b Stokes 22 (35b, 1x4)


Over 25 || Score 90/4

Maxwell and Bailey have been playing cautiously now. A competitive total is what they need. They are going for occasional shots, adding 25 runs in last five overs.


Over 20 || Score 65/4

England have taken one wicket each per five overs. That's quite a good run for the team that has had a very poor performance over last couple of months. The next to fall victim, this time to Stokes was opener Shaun Marsh in the 20th over. The ball was sent towards Cook at slips, who this time around made sure he did not drop the catch.

Marsh c Cook b Stokes 36 (52b, 3x4)


Over 15 || Score 50/3

England are well placed at the moment. They have got their third wicket. Pressure would be building on the Aussies now. Tim Bresnan got Clarke's wicket in the 14th over; the length ball hit the off stump, to dismiss the Aussie captain. George Bailey joined Marsh who is going steady at 31 runs off 2 balls.

Clarke b Bresnan 8 (26b)

Over 7 || Score 22/2

Broad has struck again! What a bowling display by the star bowler! Off the first delivery of the seventh over, Broad made a huge appeal for Watson's lbw. Cook got it reviewed, but the replays showed otherwise. But right in the next delivery, Watson edged the ball and nicked it to Butler, who took an easy catch to get England their second wicket. Captain Clarke came in at number 4.

Watson c Buttler b Broad 0 (4b)


Over 5 || Score 14/1

After two dropped catches right in first over, it seemed England are back to their dismal fielding days (read Ashes series)! However, they managed a wicket in the first five overs. Right in the first over, off Chris Jordan's full length delivery, Cook at the first slip, dropped the catch. In the second over, again it was Finch who got lucky. Bopara positioned at the covers, dropped Finch off Stuart Broad's delivery. Finally in the fifth over, Broad got rid of Finch. Broad's full length delivery hit the off stumps to send Finch back to the pavilion. Shane Watson, at number 3 joined Shaun Marsh.

Finch b Broad 7 (16b, 1x4)


Australia won the toss and elected to bat first.

It`s Australia Day and the hosts would definitely like to celebrate it with a win. The series is already in their name and a win would add to their glories. England on the other hand will look forward to register their second win to build on their new found confidence!