Flower to consider discussing `sledging ground rules` with Lehmann

London: England team director Andy Flower has said that he will consider meeting with his Australian counterpart Darren Lehmann in a bid to set some sledging ground rules ahead of the second Ashes Test in Adelaide.

With details emerging of a vicious on-field exchange involving England`s James Anderson and Australia`s George Bailey and Michael Clarke , it is alleged that Anderson escalated that situation by threatening to punch Bailey in the face, prompting Clarke to respond with his `get ready for a f***ing broken arm` comment, for which he was fined.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Flower believes that the right balance needed to be found between competitiveness and not overstepping the line on the pitch, adding that both the rivals must concentrate on playing the game of cricket on the pitch in a competitive way.

Stating that he will consider speaking with Lehmann over the issue, Flower further said that both sides have a responsibility to behave appropriately on the field, although he added that he does not want Trott`s sensitive departure to become a topic of conversation on the pitch in Adelaide.