Rohit and Virat don’t listen to seniors: Yuvraj

Zeecric Bureau

New Delhi: Star Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh has said that Team India youngsters, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, don’t listen to the seniors and do what they want to do.

From his own experiences, Yuvraj apparently knows how one feels after some initial successes in the international cricket. “You have some success and you think, ‘Yeah, I can do the same things on the field all the time,’ which is not possible,” said Yuvraj, who has been criticized many a times for being indulging in too much outside activities that resulted in his poor on-field performances.

“Then after playing for India, you think, ‘I can do whatever I want,’ which is also not possible. It`s just immaturity. No experience, so you make mistakes and hopefully you learn something from them, and from the older players”, Yuvi said in an interview to a leading cricket site.

Though it appears that Yuvraj tried to guide them and share his own experiences, the youngsters simply don’t seem to listen to him. “I see a lot of youngsters like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, who are very talented and flamboyant. As a senior I tell them not to make the same mistakes I made, and try to guide them to a better tomorrow. When I began playing, you could say the game was changing, the distractions were beginning. Now the distractions are too much and my advice to the younger guys is mostly not to be distracted by what is happening outside and to concentrate on the game.”

“They don`t listen, especially Rohit and Virat. (Suresh) Raina still listens a little bit, but Rohit and Virat always argue with me. I don`t blame the youngsters for not listening, because a lot of times Sachin or Sourav or Kumble said something to me and I said ‘What do they know?”

“But it`s just your age… boys mature very late. That`s what I`ve learned from my life. As a senior, I think it`s our duty to help the junior guys, like (Ravindra) Jadeja and Praveen Kumar. I think it`s our duty to help them as their career progresses. Hopefully they`ll listen, if not to me, to other players,” said Yuvraj who was dropped from the Indian Test team a couple of days ago.