Of Sachin Tendulkar, BCCI and the ‘R’ word

Updated: Sep 30, 2013, 19:54 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Manushree Chaumal

New Delhi: Predictions, predicament and ‘power’ play sum up Sachin Tendulkar these days.

Predictions are everywhere. Almost every day there is an individual or a group of individuals commenting on when the batting maestro should retire. While some opine that Sachin should go, others leave the choice to Sachin. Meanwhile, the fans just wonder how the legendary batsman feels with such a surmounting pressure of retirement on him. Being alive and watching cricket in era of Tendulkar is mesmerising for many.

Power ‘play’ is what the BCCI is doing. On Monday, few reports hinted that BCCI might ask the master blaster to retire after his milestone 200th test. Seriously? Come on BCCI, let us give the man respect for his achievements and not just order him to go. While his retirement from ODI went unnoticed, if and only if Sachin contemplates retirement after his 200th test match, his farewell should be huge. The man has literally dedicated his whole life to the game.

Predicament is what Sachin would be in. Just the thought of bidding adieu to his passion would be nightmarish for him. The thought of just clinging till the last breath is what we have seen in most of the players in twilight. He has entertained, awed and inspired a whole generation and would be an idol for many more to come.

Statistically, let us accept, Sachin is out of form. His scores are average in comparison with his own stature. Age is catching up on him. He has achieved all most all records a cricketer could dream of. His last dream, seeing India win the World Cup, also came true. When is the right time to go? Whatever the master blaster decides, certainly it should not be the BCCI who takes this decision for him.