'Scared' Andre Russell compares playing in Pakistan to visiting Iraq

The all-rounder is part of Islamabad United in the PSL.

'Scared' Andre Russell compares playing in Pakistan to visiting Iraq

New Delhi: With talk of hosting some Pakistan Super League matches in Pakistan next year, West Indies cricketer Andre Russell said he would be willing but scared to play there.

The all-rounder, part of the Islamabad United in the PSL, told ESPNCricinfo that he was not fully comfortable with the security situation in the country based on what he had read in the media.

"Based on what I have heard and stuff you know, I mean, I am going to be scared obviously. But, for some reason, I would go to Pakistan. But listen, I am going to be scared. That's the thing," he told the cricket website.

Despite Zimbabwe's tour to Pakistan last year, teams are not willing to play in the country ever since Sri Lanka's team bus was attacked in Lahore in 2009.

"It is like me going to Iraq based on what I have heard about Iraq. You are going to have nice places in Iraq. You are going to have nice places in Pakistan. I've seen pictures, beautiful places, beautiful people. But it is [about] what is surrounding [them]," Russell further added.

The 27-year-old also gave an example of his home country Jamaica.

"A lot of crime going on in Jamaica. I'm from Jamaica. I'm going to tell, Jamaica is the most beautiful place in the world. You are going to say, "No, but, they are shooting people." I will say, no, no. Don't worry. So it is going to be similar [about going to Pakistan]. So if I have to go, I'll go. But if I don't have to, I don't mind."

Russell is not the first high-profile player to express his desire to play in Pakistan. Shane Watson and Darren Sammy too have hinted at traveling to Pakistan once the security situation came under control.

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