Scoring consecutive tons in front of father was a special moment, says Nick Compton

Updated: Mar 20, 2013, 12:26 PM IST

London: England opener Nick Compton has claimed scoring back to back centuries against New Zealand while his father was watching from the stands was a special moment for him.

Compton`s dad, Richard watched his son score consecutive centuries in New Zealand but has had to return home before third and final Test in Auckland.

But as Compton sized up Thursday night`s treble chance against New Zealand, he admitted his breakthrough century in Dunedin resembled a highly-strung tennis player looking for approval from the players` box after every point, it said.

Among the exclusive club of England batsmen who have reeled off three consecutive Test hundreds is Compton`s grandfather Denis, who put the Aussies to the sword in 1946-47.

Compton said in the first Test he always knew exactly where his father was, adding he looked over towards him nearly every over.

The rookie opener added it became a bit of a mantra, and it`s not that his dad was doing anything, but he was always there, in the corner of his eye, as if he was telling him to keep doing what he was doing so he could watch some more.

Compton added that in Wellington he didn`t know where he was probably in some bush, adding he was trying to concentrate on the ball.

Compton further said he was glad that his made it over here in New Zealand, adding he has been a great support and he likes his dad to watch him play for England and that must strike a chord with every father and son.

Compton said to get 100 in front of his dad is what dreams are made of because it takes you back to being 10, 11, 12 years old going through the ranks and struggling through the different stages of your life.

He said his father was there to watch that second one and it was a special moment.