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# We’re waiting for the inquiry reports. I hope it will happen quickly.

# Cricket is a gentlemen’s game. .We will put in all the measures to the maximum extent possible to monitor player behaviour and educate them so that these things don't recur.

# As far as RTI is concerned we are a private body. So it is not applicable to us. RTI isn’t going to stop spot-fixing.

# ACU of ICC has got certain limits. They cannot gather certain info as the police can. There are a lot of restrictions. We should look within them. The education programme of ICC and BCCI has been successful in the fact that a lot of players have understood what they should or should not be doing. We cannot control and police every bookie in town.

# Action on players only after report comes: Srinivasan.

# Every domestic match is videographed. We will intensify the education programme we have. The way to attack is to educate the players of how this works: Srinivasan

# Different arguments about legalising bettings. In other countries they have it legalised and it has helped control. I don't know about India, if it will work or not.

# For the last three-four days, BCCI-bashing and IPL-bashing has taken place as if the whole world has fallen down. Only three players have allegedly done something. It doesn't mean the whole IPL is bad. We are very grateful to the public that has sold out grounds despite the news. We are very very grateful for the public to come out in support of cricket: Srinivasan

# Each team will have an Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) officer: Srinivasan

# Ravi Sawani appointed commissioner to probe into spot-fixing allegations, says BCCI president N Srinivasan.

# All player agents to be accredited henceforth with the BCCI. Player access will be monitored closely.

# Rajasthan Royals to file FIR against the tainted trio

# We're not in a position to control bookies: BCCI

Update: BCCI to bring new legislation for greater vigilance on players and officials

After the arrest of three cricketers on charges of spot-fixing in the current edition of Indian Premier League (IPL), the BCCI is currently holding an emergency meet in Chennai.


The main agenda of the meeting is to clear its stand on the revelations of spot-fixing in IPL and to decide what action it plans to take against the arrested cricketers.


The BCCI is under intense pressure to take a tough stand as it is a second case of spot-fixing in the cash-rich IPL and indications are that they could even contemplate handing out life bans on the basis of preliminary report by its anti-corruption unit.