Swami Army’s provocative chants target Siddle, Haddin

Melbourne: The Swami Army primarily targeted Peter Siddle and Brad Haddin during the first day of the second Test at the SCG.

On several occasions Haddin and Siddle pointed in the direction of the Army when wickets fell, which prompted the supporter group, India’s answer to England’s famous Barmy Army, to launch into provocative chants.

Swami Army founder Sumit Grover said “Bring Back Gilly”, a reference to former wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist, was one ditty that really upset Haddin.

“We also sang about Matty Wade, the up-and-comer who will challenge Haddin for his spot over the next 12 months,” Grover told reporters.

“I think when Haddin had an appeal early in the game, that got some of our guys interested in him and they wanted to give him stick. He caught a couple in the end so good on him. That’s the way it works,” he said.

Siddle pumped his fist in the air and looked genuinely anxious when he took the wicket of Indian batsman Virat Kohli, but Grover said the supporters were surprised by the Victorian’s over-the-top celebrations.

“I think Siddle always plays that way, we haven’t said anything to him, and he’s picked the opposition support group out and given us some stick,” Grover said.

The chants from the Army directed towards Haddin and Siddle were hardly disrespectful.

The Swami Army is a Sydney-based support group which was founded eight years ago.