Swann assures Pietersen `arrogant cricketers` remark not meant for him

Johannesburg: Newly retired England off-spinner Graeme Swann has said that he has reassured star batsman Kevin Pietersen that his remark about arrogant cricketers was not a reference to his former England team-mate.

After announcing his shock retirement from the sport last week, Swann spoke critically about players who, in his opinion, had `their heads up their own backsides`, although after suggestions that he had been referring to Pietersen, Swann insisted that he had actually been speaking about opposition players.

According to a leading channel, Swann said that he had contacted Pietersen personally and assured him that there was nothing in the comment that was aimed towards the South Africa-born cricketer, after which he claimed that Pietersen told him he is aware of whom Swann was referring to in the comment.

Swann claimed that all of his former teammates knew which players were the focus of his ire and quipped that he would have to release a new book now.

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