Syed Kirmani sees 10-over-a-side contest in future

Former India wicket-keeper Syed Kirmani said the days of ten-overs-a-side contest making a foray into international cricket is not far away as it would make the game even more interesting.

Syed Kirmani sees 10-over-a-side contest in future

Hyderabad: Former India wicket-keeper Syed Kirmani said the days of ten-overs-a-side contest making a foray into international cricket is not far away as it would make the game even more interesting.

Kirmani noted that initially only Test matches were played and it was only in 1975 that 60-overs-a-side version was introduced, followed by 50-overs-each and then came the new "very exciting" format of T20.

"These three formats will grow eternally and there could be another format coming up very soon in the form of T10 which will be more interesting. There is lot of glamour which has come in and lot of commercialisation has come into the game (cricket) which is good," he said.

Kirmani said while the stress was on copybook technique during his playing days, it's all about winning now.

"The new trend is result-oriented. (It) does not matter whether you have your batting technique, your fielding technique or your wicket-keeping technique or bowling technique. The emphasis is on result and which is a good sign," he said.

"But, I am an old school of thought. With a proper copybook technique, you are appreciated much better than without technique. With proper technique you tend to last longer and appreciated much better than those who do not have technique," Kirmani said.

Observing that cricket has undergone a sea change since his playing days, the 65-year-old said now more money and glamour have come into the game for good.

"I think there have been sweeping changes, right from my era to current era, sweeping changes. In Hindi, there is a saying 'Zameen asman ka farakh' (heaven and earth difference)," Kirman said.

"We never had a coach. We never had any support staff. We never had information technology. We learnt ourselves by looking into the negatives of the opposition or the players.

We corrected ourselves. We applied our mind into it.

"Whereas, the current era of cricketers are having the benefit of the 11 support staff in the form of a bowling coach, batting coach, fielding coach, mentor, trainer, adaptor, video analyst etc. It's a good welcome change. You have to go according to the wind, according to the new ideas and new formats," he added. 

Stressing that a wicket-keeper has a vital role to play in leading a side to victory, Kirmani, who was here in connection with the recent Moin-ud-Dowlah Gold Cup cricket tournament, said he would like to contribute in whichever way he can to help improve the game in the country.

The IPL T20 is a great platform for youngsters to showcase their talent and learn from seasoned players, said Kirmani, who played a crucial role in India's historic World Cup win in 1983.

"It's (IPL T20) a terrific platform to unearth talent, young talent who are on the bench to represent state level and then higher standards of the game and it gives an opportunity for those youngsters to share the dressing room with the world class players and to exchange some pleasantries and learn from those great players who they could emulate and put it into practice to help themselves," he said.

The IPL T20 also brings the best out of an individual if he can adapt himself to the three formats of Tests, one-day match and the T20, Kirmani said.

"It brings out the best of an individual to adapt himself from a five-day game to a 50 over and then 20 overs. If one can adapt these three formats, it speaks about the quality of the individual. There is different thinking, approach in the three different formats. It brings the best out of a cricketer if he can adapt himself (to the three)," he said.

Kirmani also said he cannot name anyone as the best player in contemporary cricket though he would have named Sachin Tendulkar had he not retired.

"There is lot of fluctuation and it is very difficult to compare. Each one has its own style and technique. I would have immediately said Sachin Tendulkar if he had not retired," he said.

"There are many promising, young players who are in the making of high class, quality players who could become legends who can break some existing world records. At the moment, I don't see anybody who could be the best," he said.

He also recalled that the Moin-ud-Dowlah tournament provided him a spring board to reach higher levels of the game.

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