ICC World T20: 5 things Dhoni should do against Pakistan

Zeenews Sports Bureau

Shane Watson has become more like a national treasure for Australia, and the Government should wrap him in cotton. Australian captain George Bailey mentioned his side has a good balance; well as of now we have not seen any of it because no team has yet gone past Watson. In an over-hyped match last evening, the Watson-Warner duo ‘defrocked’ the Indian bowlers and pasted them to all parts of the ground. The mighty Aussies overhauled 141 with six overs to spare. Some atrocious and questionable decisions taken by Dhoni before the match have been identified, but there is no time to cry over spilled milk. Let’s simplify things for our very own Mahi ahead of Sunday’s Pakistan date. What different should Dhoni do?

1. GAMBLE WITH THE WORLD, NOT SEHWAG: India looked very unprofessional when Irfan walked out to the centre with Gambhir. We have the machinery with Delhi boys Viru and Gauti at the top, then why tinker? We are sure the Oz feel more comfortable with an Indian side without the butcher. Virender Sehwag gives you advantage straightaway just with his presence in the middle. Most of the bowlers around the world get nightmares thinking of Sehwag. He is your impact player and the team should back him.

2. MAKE IRFAN BOWL WITH THE NEW BALL RATHER THAN MAKE HIM PLAY THE NEW BALL: Irfan Pathan is someone who is most effective with the new ball as he can swing the ball. He has even shown how lethal he is with the new ball in his hand. Dhoni should not make him do something he is not comfortable doing, facing the new ball, that will do no good to his confidence. Irfan is special use him effectively.

3. PIYUSH CHAWLA IS NOT WORLD CLASS, DROP HIM: Shock! Surprise! Never heard of him throughout last year and this year he finds himself in the Indian team. Whenever we look at this leggie bowling, we feel pity because we think he doesn’t belong to this stage. He is young and we felt bad when Brutal Watson was taking him to the cleaners. Let’s face it, he is not world class, drop him. SPARE HIS CAREER.

4. FINALISE THE ROHIT NO. 4 DEAL : Stop confusing this lad further, just fix and lock him at No.4. He comes across as the most confusing talent of the Indian cricket team. Rohit Sharma has shown glimpses of being in form when the entire team has suffered. He needs a lot of motivational talks or should spend some time with couple of beers and Kevin Pietersen for company. He could prove useful in the later stages of the tournament.

5. STOP BEING EMOTIONAL ABOUT YUVI, GIVE TALENTED MANOJ A RUN: Sounds like a raw deal, but Manoj Tiwary could be the million dollar deal for Dhoni. Team India should not get emotional about the southpaw from Punjab, we have to understand that he is just not looking the sorts. Dhoni has already taken atrocious decisions in this tournament and none have worked, maybe things could change with the Manoj’s injection in the middle order.