ICC World T20: Pakistan defeat shaky New Zealand by 13 runs

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New Zealand innings: Over: 20 I Score: 164/9

Saeed Ajmal will bowl the final over. McCullum takes a single off the first ball. Southee attempts a big shot off the second ball and misses. He charges down the track off the third ball, the shot goes high in the air as Gul completes an easy catch. Ajmal bowls a quicker delivery and McCullum drives that through covers for a boundary. He attempts another big shot towards deep midwicket, but this time it doesn’t go the distance. Saeed Ajmal picks his fourth wicket. 14 needed off the last ball. Ajmal bowls a dot ball and Pakistan win by 13 runs.

NL McCullum c Shoaib Malik b Saeed Ajmal 5 (4b)

TG Southee c Umar Gul b Saeed Ajmal 1 (3b)

New Zealand innings: Over: 19 I Score: 159/7

Umar Gul bowls the penultimate over. Taylor gets an edge and the first ball runs to the third-man boundary for four runs. Taylor drives the second ball towards vacant deep backward point for the second boundary of the over. A nervous Gull pitches a full-toss and Taylor works that for another boundary! Three successive boundaries for Ross Taylor! He plays the fourth ball towards long-on and ran back for the second run, which wasn’t there and is run-out. Very unfortunate for the Kiwis. Tim Southee is the new man. He takes a risky single off the first ball and Umar Gul misses the stumps. Pakistan have been bad in the field today. McCullum takes a single off the last ball to keep the strike. 19 needed off the last over.

LRPL Taylor run out 26 (11b)

New Zealand innings: Over: 18 I Score: 144/6

Sohail Tanvir is back and Franklin smashes him over long-on for a much-needed SIX! Tanvir bowls a fuller length ball and Franklin hits that over covers for another boundary. 10 runs from the first two balls. Franklin works the next ball for a single towards long-on. Taylor works the next ball for a single towards long-on. Tanvir bowls a slower one and Franklin mistimes that towards deep square leg and is OUT! Nathan McCullum is the new batsman. Taylor takes a single off the last ball to keep the strike. 13 runs from the over, the Kiwis need 34 to win off the last 2 overs.

JEC Franklin c Nasir Jamshed b Sohail Tanvir 13 (6b)

New Zealand innings: Over: 17 I Score: 131/5

Ajmal is back and he once again gets the breakthrough! It was a straighter one and Oram was playing for spin as the ball hit his leg-stump. Ajmal continues to trouble batsmen as he picks his second wicket of the match. James Franklin is the new batsman. Ajmal dropped Franklin off his own bowling as Ross Taylor clobbered him for a MASSSIVVVE SIX! off the last ball. The Kiwi dugout would need some more of those shots from their skipper. New Zealand need 47 runs from the last 3 overs.

JDP Oram b Saeed Ajmal 11 (7b)

New Zealand innings: Over: 16 I Score: 121/4

Umar Gul comes back and scalps McCullum first ball! It was full and straight, it hit him on the pads and then clipped the stumps. Big blow for New Zealand! They desperately needed McCullum there. Ross Taylor is the new batsman. Oram scored a cheeky boundary off the fifth ball, he shuffled on the off-side and then guided the ball towards fine leg. Umar Gul banged the last ball short and it took a leading edge and went past third man for another boundary. 12 runs from the over. Kiwis now need 57 runs from the last 4 overs.

BB McCullum b Umar Gul 32 (31b)

New Zealand innings: Over: 15 I Score: 109/3

Saeed Ajmal comes back and strikes first ball! Vettori made some room as Ajmal followed him and Vettori hit it straight to covers. Jacob Oram is the new batsman. Even this experiment didn’t work out as the run-rate kept increasing. McCullum played another excellent fine reverse-sweep for a Boundary. Seven runs from the over.

DL Vettori c Nasir Jamshed b Saeed Ajmal 18 (16b)

New Zealand innings: Over: 14 I Score: 102/3

Hafeez bowls his last over. Prior to this over he had given just 5 runs from three overs. There was a stumping appeal which was turned down. Hafeez has bowled a very tight line here and the Kiwis struggled to score against him. McCullum ruined Hafeez’s figures to some extent as he smoked him for a six off the last ball of his spell. Hafeez 4-0-15-0

New Zealand innings: Over: 13 I Score: 92/2

Vettori charged down the track and scored a boundary off Afridi. He needs to take some pressure off McCullum. Nine runs from the over.

New Zealand innings: Over: 12 I Score: 83/2

Saeed Ajmal bowls his first over of the match. McCullum reverse swept him for a boundary off the fifth ball and then a misfield off the last ball produces another boundary. Ten runs from the over.

New Zealand innings: Over: 11 I Score: 73/2

The Kiwis are still not dealing in boundaries. Seven runs from that over bowled by Afridi. Pakistan now need 105 runs from the last 9 overs.

New Zealand innings: Over: 10 I Score: 66/2

Mohammad Hafeez gives away just 4 runs. Hafeez is rotating his bowlers very wisely. Saeed Ajmal hasn’t bowled a single over. Those 4 overs would be the key for Pakistan.

New Zealand innings: Over: 9 I Score: 62/2

Another surprise! Daniel Vettori has come in to bat. They are not reading Afridi at all. McCullum nicked one for a boundary as Kamran failed to catch it. Six runs from the over.

New Zealand innings: Over: 8 I Score: 56/2

Pressure builing up for the Kiwis as they lose Williamson who has been run-out. McCullum wanted a quick single and Williamson couldn’t make it.

KS Williamson run out 15 (13b)

New Zealand innings: Over: 7 I Score: 54/1

Shahid Afridi strikes in his first over! Nicol was looking to play a cut shot against that quicker delivery from Afridi which knocked his stumps. Pakistan have their first breakthrough. Seven runs from the over.

RJ Nicol b Shahid Afridi 33 (28b)

New Zealand innings: Over: 6 I Score: 47/0

Nicol scored a boundary off the first ball of the over bowled by Umar Gul. Nicol is looking confident now. Nine runs from the over.

New Zealand innings: Over: 5 I Score: 38/0

Nicol smashes one towards wide of long-off for a boundary. Yasir Arafat didn’t learn from that as he pitched another fuller length ball and Nicole played even a better shot to score his second boundary from the over. Good over for the Kiwis, 12 runs from it.

New Zealand innings: Over: 4 I Score: 26/0

It still remains a mystery why the Kiwis didn’t open the innings with Brendon McCullum who is in sublime form. They have hit the first boundary of the innings which came off the last ball of the over. Williamson made some room and hit a fuller length ball towards long-off. Eight runs from the over.

New Zealand innings: Over: 3 I Score: 18/0

Umar Gul bowls the third over. Pakistan missed a run-out chance as Tanvir missed the stumps. The Kiwis are finding it difficult to score in boundaries. Good over from Gul, just five runs from the over.

New Zealand innings: Over: 2 I Score: 13/0

Nicole launched Sohail Tanvir for a superb six in the over. 12 runs from the over.

New Zealand innings: Over: 1 I Score: 1/0

Mohammad Hafeez bowled the first over and Kane Williamson came out to open the innings with Rob Nicole. Tight over from Pakistan skipper, just one run from it.

Pakistan posted a total of 177 runs for the loss of six wickets in their opening ICC World T20 fixture against New Zealand courtesy Nasir Jamshed’s 35-ball 56 runs and captain Mohammed Hafeez’s solid 43 runs off 38 balls.

For New Zealand, Tim Southee (4-0-31-2) and Jacob Oram (4-0-44-2) picked up two wickets each with the latter going for over 11 RPO. Daniel Vettori was the least expensive bowler for the Kiwis going for just 23 runs in his quota of 4 overs.

Over: 20 I Score: 177/6

Full and wide from Southee first ball and Shoaib Malik gets his front foot out of the way and plays it over the in-field for FOUR!!!towards extra cover. Afridi got a FOUR!!! in the fifth ball towards the extra cover region. OUT!!!> Southee gets the wicket of Afridi in the last ball. Shahid Afridi c Williamson b Southee 12(6) [4s-2]. Pitched up delivery outside off, Afridi throws his bat at it and carves it without any timing, Williamson runs in and takes the catch at sweeper cover.

Over: 19 I Score: 165/5

150 up for Pakistan as Akmal heaved length ball from Oram wide of deep square, one bounce over the ropes. Umar followed it with a 82 meters SIX!!!, attempted yorker from Oram and Umar hit it though over long off. But, Oram gets the his wicket next ball as Umar tries for another biggy failing to get the distance, Nathan McCullum with an easy catch at long-on. Afridi walks to the middle and the slower delivery wide of off-side is hit square of third man by Afridi for another FOUR!!!. 17 runs off the over.

Over: 18 I Score: 148/4

Death over specialist for the Kiwis Tim Southee back into the attack, bowls a couple of good deliveries marginally inside the wide line and finishes of with another good block-hole delivery. concedes just three runs.

Over: 17 I Score: 145/4

Kyle Mills back into the attack, Umar Akmal gets back to back boundaries in first two ball, one a scoop over short third man and other a delicate cut towards third man. 10 runs off the over. Mills finishes his spell with figures of 4-0-35-0.

Over: 16 I Score: 135/4

OUT !!! In-form Nasir Jamshed out for 56. Big wicket for Pakistan. Vettori with the wicket. Jamshed hit one straight where Nathan McCullum held on to a tough chance. Nasir Jamshed c N McCullum b Vettori 56(35) [4s-2 6s-4]. Shoaib Malik walks to the middle. End of Vettori’s spell. 4-0-23-1

Over: 15 I Score: 131/3

OUT !!! Dangerous Kamran Akmal gone. Oram with the wicket. Kamran Akmal c Nicol b Oram 3(3) . Akmal sliced a fullish delivery high towards deep extra cover where Rob Nicol made no mistake catching this one. Umar Akmal comes to the crease. 6 runs off the over.

Over: 14 I Score: 125/2

OUT !!! Hafeez b Franklin 43(38) [4s-2 6s-2]. James Franklin with the wicket. Short of a length slower delivery angled across just outside off, Hafeez looks to swipe across the line but he misses it and the ball hits the off stump. 7 runs off the over.

Over: 13 I Score: 118/1

Nasir Jamshed has completed a half-century here. The lefty took just 27 deliveries to reach the landmark. Pakistan are maintaining an excellent run rate in excess of 9 runs per over.

Over: 12 I Score: 110/1

Another tight over from Vettori. Kiwis need to pick wickets here.

Over: 11 I Score: 105/1

Nothing is going right for the Kiwis here! A miss-field, an overthrow, a dropped catch—all in the same over! Kyle Mills’ third over has produced 11 runs and Hafeez and Jamshed have added over 50 runs for the second wicket. Rob Nicol dropped a simple chance at the deep square leg boundary after failing to hold pulled shot from Jamshed. What should have been a wicket became a six as the ball went over the ropes instead.

Over: 10 I Score: 92/1

Senior bowler Daniel Vettori has bowled a good over here keeping the Pakistani batsmen quiet going for just six runs.

Over: 9 I Score: 86/1

Pakistan are prancing like a wild horse! Both the batsmen have hit McCullum for a six each in the over. The first one came off the bat of Hafeez as the right hander made full use of a full toss delivery. The next six came off the bat of Jamshed who played inside out, timing it so perfectly that it went all the way over the fence.

Over: 8 I Score: 73/1

Àdam Milne comes in to bowl his first over and bowls a good over until Jamshed pulls him over fine leg boundary for a six off the last delivery of the over.

Over: 7 I Score: 61/1

Nathan McCullum introduced into the attack and Nasir Jamshed lifts him over extra cover for a six! A tremendous shot from the batsman.

Over: 6 I Score: 51/1

Caught and Bowled! It’s Tim Southee who gets the breakthrough for his team as Imran Nazir drives a fullish delivery towards bowler's left side who in turn shows good reflexes to grab the chance. Nazir departs for 25 (16b, 4X5). Nasir Jamshed is the new man in the middle.

Over: 5 I Score: 42/0

Jacob Oram introduced into the attack and is creamed for three boundaries ---two by Nazir and one by Hafeez. The first one was a result of an edge as Nazir shimmied down the track and edged it to third man boundary. The next one was a flick to fine leg while the third one from Hafeez was a drive through covers.

Over: 4 I Score: 28/0

Right arm medium pacer Tim Southee comes into bowl his first over. A good start from Southee as he leaks just six runs including a boundary that came via a pull off Hafeez's willow towards long-on fence.

Over: 3 I Score: 21/0

Imran Nazir collects two boundaries from Kyle Mills' second over. The first one was a result of perfect timing as Nazir collected a four to backward square leg boundary. The next was pulled towards square leg boundary.

Over: 2 I Score: 9/0

And Mohammad Hafeez has dispatched Daniel Vettori for a biggie over long-on boundary! Taylor must be kicking himself.

Over: 1 I Score:1/0

Dropped! It hasn’t augured well for the Kiwis as their captain Ross Taylor has dropped a sitter at first slip. Kyle Mills has every reason to be disappointed. That should have been taken. Nevertheless a good start from the bowler.

Welcome to our live coverage of the 2012 ICC T20 World Cup (Group C) encounter between Pakistan and New Zealand.

TOSS: Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez won the toss and elected to bat first against New Zealand on Sunday.

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New Zealand won their opening match in style defeating Bangladesh by 59 runs.

For the Kiwis, the good news is that their most destructive batsman Brendon McCullum has come all guns blazing with a record knock of 123 runs and has hit the form at the right time.

However, they will be up against a strong Pakistani team that has a rich World T20 record to boast of.

Former champion Pakistan are far better equipped than their Asian neighbours, and with a formidable bowling line-up that includes the likes of off-spinner Saeed Ajmal and speedster Umar Gul, they certainly have the necessary fire power to put a tab on the Kiwis.

It promises to be an interesting contest as Pakistan would certainly not desire to go down in the "group of death".

Teams (from):

Pakistan (Playing XI): Mohammad Hafeez(c), Imran Nazir, Nasir Jamshed, Kamran Akmal(w), Shoaib Malik, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Yasir Arafat, Sohail Tanvir, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal

New Zealand (Playing XI): Rob Nicol, James Franklin, Brendon McCullum(w), Ross Taylor(c), Kane Williamson, Jacob Oram, Daniel Vettori, Nathan McCullum, Tim Southee, Kyle Mills, Adam Milne