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Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe: As it happened...

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Hambantota: Sri Lanka began their 2012 T20 World Cup campaign on a spectacular note as Ajantha Mendis celebrated his comeback to the international cricket by trapping Zimbabwean batsmen in a web to claim six wickets and help his team register 82-run win in the opening match on Tuesday.

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Here is how the match panned out:

Zimbabwean innings:

Over 18 Zimbabwe: 100/10

Lasith Malinga has wrapped up the tail with the wicket of Mpofu. A slower one from the slinger and the batsman tamely hits it to mid-off where the fielder Chandimal takes a simple catch. He departs after scoring 0. Sri Lanka have bundled out Sri Lanka for 100 and begin their T20 World Cup campaign on a superb note winning the opening game by 82 runs.

Over 17 Zimbabwe: 93/9 Brian Vettori 0(2)- Chris Mpofu 0(1)

Another wicket goes down! Jeevan mendis has rattled the stumps of Cremer. The over began on a positive note for the Zimbabwean team as Cremer hit Mendis for a boundary off the first delivery but failed to offer bat to a delivery that went through his gates to hit the middle stumps.

Over 16 Zimbabwe: 87/8 Brian Vettori 0(2)- Graeme Cremer 11(15)

And they have made it by losing two wickets in this over. Ajantha Mendis has collected six wickets in this match. His best ever T20 figures. First to succumb was Utseya who was caught in the slips by Jayawardene. He made 1(2). Next to depart was Jarvis who was trapped in front of the wickets. He made 0. Zimbabwe are offering no fight here. It’s turning out to be a cakewalk for the hosts.

Over 15 Zimbabwe: 87/6 Graeme Cremer 7(10)-Prosper Utseya 1(1)

Seven runs from the over and Zimbabwe have managed to not lose a wicket!

Over 14 Zimbabwe: 80/6 Graeme Cremer 7(10)

Chigumbura has become Ajantha Mendis’ fourth victim of the night after getting bowled off a googly! He departs for 19(19b, 4X1, 6X1). The team is tottering and the Lankans are having fun in the middle. What a comeback from Mendis.

Chigumbura, though, had hit him for a boundary in the previous delivery to fine leg.

Over 13 Zimbabwe: 75/5 Graeme Cremer 6(8) - Elton Chigumbura 15(15)

Chigumbura takes the aerial route here and sweeps one over deep midwicket boundary for a six. 9 runs from the over. They need more of this and less of tumbling wickets.

Over 12 Zimbabwe: 66/5 Graeme Cremer 5(5) - Elton Chigumbura 8(12)

Good over for Zimbabwe as they manage to get 7 runs from it including a boundary that came off an edge.

Over 11 Zimbabwe: 59/5 Graeme Cremer 0(1) - Elton Chigumbura 6(10)

It’s the other Mendis who now gets into the act and picks two wickets in his first over! The first one is a googly and the batsman is deceived and misses the ball. His foot lifts and Sangakkara again removes the bails in a blink. He departs after scoring 10 (13, 6X1). The next victim is Molcolm Waller who was trapped in front after another googly from Jeevan hit him on the pad. Umpire had no hesitation in raising his finger. He heads to dugout on a duck.

Over 10 Zimbabwe: 57/3 Elton Chigumbura 6(9) - Craig Ervine 10(11)

Thisara Perera drops one shot and Ervine slogs it for a biggie over long on. First six for Zimbabwe! 10 runs from the over.

Over 9 Zimbabwe: 48/3 Elton Chigumbura 4(6) - Craig Ervine 3(8)

Angelo Mathews continues with his medium pacers from the other end. The over produces just five. He failed a run-out chance after failing to collect a throw from Jeevan Mendis as Chigumbura had to dive to make his ground.

Over 8 Zimbabwe: 43/3 Elton Chigumbura 3(4) - Craig Ervine 0(4)

And Ajantha Mendis sends another batsman packing for dugout! Masakadza was looking good but was outdone by Mendis after attempting a sweep but the ball sneaks past his bat to crash on the stumps. He departs after scoring 20(23b, 4X3). It’s a wicket-maiden from the mystery spinner. Welcome Back!

Over 7 Zimbabwe: 43/2 Elton Chigumbura 3(4) - Hamilton Masakadza 20(21)

Angelo Mathews comes in to bowl his first over of the match and gives away just four runs.

Over 6 Zimbabwe: 39/2 Elton Chigumbura 2(2) - Hamilton Masakadza 17(15)

Ajantha Mendis gets into the act straight away as he plucks two wickets off his two consecutive deliveries. Mendis first rattles the stumps of Vusi Sibanda after the batsman failed to read the line of the delivery. The ball crashed on the middle stump as Sibanda departs for 11 (16b, 4X1). The next batsman on pitch was skipper Brendon Taylor who was stumped after missing to offer any wood to the cherry. His lifted his foot for a micro second and Sanga removed the bails in a flash. The umpire calls for a replay and the decision goes in the favour of bowler.

Mendis, however, missed out on a hat-trick as the next batsman Elton Chigumbura safely plays the hat-trick ball.

Over 5 Zimbabwe: 36/0 Vusi Sibanda 11(15) - Hamilton Masakadza 17(15)

Now Sibanda gets into the groove and plays it towards deep point boundary for his first boundary of the match. He then charges down and swings hard but fails to connect his bat with the ball as Sangakkara collects the ball behind the wickets. The over ends with a couple as Sibanda gets an inside edge while attempting a drive. The shot goes towards deep square leg and a fumble their gets them a second run.

Over 4 Zimbabwe: 28/0 Vusi Sibanda 4(10) - Hamilton Masakadza 17(14)

Masakadza is now looking comfortable in the middle and charges down the track, disregarding the reputation of the slinger, sending the first ball of the over for a boundary towards midwicket region. As if to clear any doubts, he ends the over with another boundary and this time takes the aerial route to send one past mid-off fielder.

Over 3 Zimbabwe: 16/0 Vusi Sibanda 3(8) - Hamilton Masakadza 6(10)

Masakadza scores a boundary after dancing down the track and hitting one to midwicket. He then sets off for a quick single off the last delivery of the over.

Over 2 Zimbabwe: 8/0 Vusi Sibanda 2(5) - Hamilton Masakadza 0(5)

And it’s Lasith Malinga who is bowling from the other end. Masakadza would have been heading towards the dugout had Perera hit the stumps on non-striker’s end. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe score their first boundary via four leg byes to fine leg off the fourth delivery.

Over 1 Zimbabwe: 3/0 Vusi Sibanda 1(3) - Hamilton Masakadza 0(3)

Nuwan Kulasekara has opened the bowling for Sri Lanka as the hosts look to defend their total of 182. A good start from the pacer as the first over produces just 3 runs. There was a loud shout for lbw though but it would have missed leg. Zimbabwe would be relying on a good start from Sibanda and Masakadza.

Sri Lankan innings

Over 20 Sri Lanka: 182/4 Thisara Perera 6 (2) – Jeevan Mendis 43 (30)

SIX!!! off the first ball by Perera, Length ball down the leg side and the all-rounder heaves it over square.

OUT!!! KC Sangakkara run out 44 (26b 2x4 1x6) SR: 169.23. Third run put of the Sri Lankan innings, trying for an impossible second run.

SIX!!! flick by Sangakkara over square leg.

Over 19 Sri Lanka: 167/3 Kumar Sangakkara 36 (23) – Jeevan Mendis 42 (29)

17 runs off the over. Big one. Jarvis starts off with a slower and over throws, 5 runs. Then a no-ball for full toss, again good running by the Sri Lankans.

Over 18 Sri Lanka: 150/3 Kumar Sangakkara 30 (22) – Jeevan Mendis 37 (25)

11 runs conceded by Vitoria ns he bowls a beamer. Good running between the wickets by both the players.

Over 17 Sri Lanka: 139/3 Kumar Sangakkara 22 (16) – Jeevan Mendis 35 (22)

Kyle Jarvis comes back to bowl and gives away 10 runs including 4 Leg-byes.

Over 16 Sri Lanka: 129/3 Kumar Sangakkara 20 (14) – Jeevan Mendis 31 (18)

FOUR!!! by Sangakkara, upper cut on a short delivery, the bal lflies over the short third man.

Over 15 Sri Lanka: 120/3 Kumar Sangakkara 15 (12) – Jeevan Mendis 27 (14)

SIX!!! on pads by Elton Chigumbura and Mendis flicked it over deep square.

FOUR!!! down the leg side again and Mendis helped the ball towards fine leg boundary

Over 14 Sri Lanka: 107/3 Kumar Sangakkara 14 (11) – Jeevan Mendis 16 (9)

FOUR!!! by Mendis, short delivery and a boundary in the long-off region.

FOUR!!! by Mendis, sweep employed and boundary towards deep square.

Over 13 Sri Lanka: 96/3 Kumar Sangakkara 12 (9) – Jeevan Mendis 7 (5)

FOUR!!! Mendis cracks a full pitched delivery towards long-on, Mpofu get a hand but midfield in the field gives Mendis the boundary.

Over 12 Sri Lanka: 86/3 Kumar Sangakkara 8 (7) – Jeevan Mendis 1(1)

OUT!!! Mahela Jayawardene run out 13 (18b 1x4 0x6) SR: 72.22. Run out taking a risky second run. Waller with a good throw from the deep.

Over 11 Sri Lanka: 80/2 Kumar Sangakkara 4 (3) – Mahela Jayawerdene 12 (17)

4 runs off the Prosper Utseya over.

Over 10 Sri Lanka: 76/2 Kumar Sangakkara 1 (1) – Mahela Jayawerdene 11 (13)

OUT!!! Dilshan c Taylor b Cremer 39 (28b 5x4 0x6) SR: 139.28. Cremer with the wicket. Dilshan tries a cut but edges it to Taylor.

Over 9 Sri Lanka: 70/1 Tillakaratne Dilshan 38 (26) – Mahela Jayawerdene 8 (9)

FOUR!!! Reverse sweep by Jayawerdene from middle and leg, and beats backward point.

Over 8 Sri Lanka: 59/1 Tillakaratne Dilshan 32 (22) – Mahela Jayawerdene 3 (7)

Leggie Graeme Cremer gives away just 4 runs in his first over.
Over 7 Sri Lanka: 55/1 Tillakaratne Dilshan 30 (20) – Mahela Jayawerdene 1 (3)

OUT!!! Dilshan Munaweera run out run out (Mpofu/Brendan Taylor) 17(19) [4s-3]. He went for a sweep, lost his balance, went out for a single, lost his bat, by the time he could get back in Mpofu threw the ball to keeper Taylor.

Over 6 Sri Lanka: 53/0 Tillakaratne Dilshan 28 (19) - Dilshan Munaweera 17 (18)

FOUR!!! Doen the leg-side and Munaweera just puts bat to ball and a boundary towards fine leg.

FOUR!!! DIL-SCOOP behind the man at short fine leg.

Over 5 Sri Lanka: 38/0 Tillakaratne Dilshan 19 (14) - Dilshan Munaweera 12 (16)

FOUR!!! for T Dilshan, marginally short, he goes deep in the crease and punches it on the backfoot wide of extra cover.

Spin being introduced in the form of Prosper Utseya

Over 4 Sri Lanka: 29/0 Tillakaratne Dilshan 13 (10) - Dilshan Munaweera 12 (14)

FOUR!!! Short and wide from Brain Vitori and Dilshan clobbered it between cover and extra cover.

Top edge from Dilshan as tried a sweep, the wind takes the ball away from short third mand and the keeper, 2 runs, but a lucky escape for T Dilshan.

Over 3 Sri Lanka: 19/0 Tillakaratne Dilshan 6 (6) - Dilshan Munaweera 11 (12)

DROPPED Malcolm Waller running back failed to judge the skier from Munaweera.

FOUR!!! for Munaweera, full length by Jarvis and the opener with a straight bat over mid-on.

Over 2 Sri Lanka: 10/0 Tillakaratne Dilshan 5 (4) - Dilshan Munaweera 4 (8)

FOUR!!! Outside off and Dilshan throws his bat at it on the up.

Over 1 Sri Lanka: 4/0 Tillakaratne Dilshan 0 (0) - Dilshan Munaweera 4 (6)

FOUR!!! by Dilshan Munaweera, full toss and he carves it past point first ball. Good start.

Tillakaratne Dilshan and Dilshan Munaweera walk out to the middle, Kyle Jarvis to start of the proceedings.

TOSS: Zimbabwe won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Pitch report: 'There is some grass but it's not a lively, fresh grass. The wicket will not change throughout the game, so the captain winning the toss may want to bowl first.' says Manjrekar.

Welcome to our live coverage of the ICC World T20 opening fixture between hosts Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe in at Hambantota.


Hosts Sri Lanka are one of the favourites in the tournament while Zimbabwe have to step up their performances to upset the top teams in the ICC event.

Players to watch:

Everyone is aware that the mere presence of Lasith Malinga in the Lankan team will send shivers down the opposition batsmen and to add to it, the quickie happens to be Sri Lanka`s best bowler in T20 World Cups, which shows that he thrives on the big stage. Apart from his toe-crushing yorkers and lethal pace, the bowler also possesses a variety of deliveries that will always keep the batsmen guessing.

Zimbabwe`s young pace duo of Kyle Jarvis and Brian Vitori have made decent starts to their careers, which has increased expectations from the side. They have the variations between them, and their performances could define that of their side.

Zimbabwe Squad: Brendan Taylor (captain), Stuart Matsikenyeri, Vusi Sibanda, Ray Price, Hamilton Masakadza, Craig Ervine, Malcolm Waller, Brian Vitori, Elton Chigumbura, Graeme Cremer, Kyle Jarvis, Chris Mpofu, Richard Muzhange, Prosper Utseya, Forster Mutizwa

Sri Lanka Squad: Mahela Jayawardena (captain), Dinesh Chandimal, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Akila Dananjaya, Shaminda Eranga, Rangana Herath, Nuwan Kulasekara, Lasith Malinga, Angelo Mathews, Ajantha Mendis, Jeewan Mendis, Dilshan Munaweera, Thisara Perera, Kumar Sangakkara, Lahiru Thirimanna


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