We are ready to spoil the Lankan party, says Sammy

Colombo: West Indies captain Darren Sammy announced on the eve of the ICC World Twenty20 final that they are ready to spoil the Sri Lankan party by winning the coveted title here tomorrow.

"Definitely, we will be looking to spoil that party. That`s what we`re looking to do. We left home on a mission and like I have said before, it is just one more hurdle to jump," a smiling Sammy told a packed media conference today.

"We want to have our own party. We Caribbean people know how to party. We enjoy parties in depth," he added.

The Sri Lankan team knows the conditions well but his team`s focus will be on what they can do, said Sammy.

"Obviously, they are playing at home, they know their conditions well. I just hope we get a very good cricket wicket, where batsmen could enjoy playing their strokes and the bowlers have something for them as well.

"I`m hoping we`re going to get a good T20 wicket. But whatever we get, we just go out there and execute. We are going to focus on them but we are going to put more emphasis on us, what we could do."

Tomorrow, they will also have to play against a vociferous 35,000 strong crowd at the Premadasa Stadium, and he is not overawed by the occasion.

"We expect that. If we were at home and in the final, it would be the same thing. The crowds will be behind Sri Lanka but the belief in the dressing room is that we`ve done what we had to do to get to the final.

"Once we get there, probably we have to bring out our A-plus game as we needed our A-game to beat Australia and we have to play a touch better to beat Sri Lanka. We believe we can do that."

Just before the final, a congratulatory message cum encouragement mail from World Cup winning captain Clive Lloyd has certainly lifted the spirits in the team.

"It was really an honour to receive an e-mail from Mr Lloyd. He said, `We`ve got to win this, it means a lot to everybody` and that alone is the biggest motivation for the guys who go out and play in that finals. It`ll be massive. Over a decade, our fans are craving for a bit of success. That`s the goal we left the Caribbean with.

"It`s the World T20 and we are just one step away from that. We all know, when we do well, the people in the Caribbean are very happy. I think work stopped yesterday for a few hours, back at home.

"It`ll mean everything to us as players as well as the coaching staff. It will give us a big boost. Hopefully, we could do that tomorrow," Sammy said, determination writ large on his face.

He said that this win is necessary for all those die-hard fans who have supported West Indies cricket for years now.

"For me, it`s going to be a memorable occasion but I`m more focused on the team and the Caribbean people. I think it will mean a whole lot more.

"I have just been playing for just a few years but the fans have been supporting for a number of years. It`s all about them, they come and watch us play, wake up early in the morning, stay up late at night to watch their team playing. It`s all about them tomorrow."

Sammy informed that he is not aware about any fitness issues related to his No 1 batsman Chris Gayle.

"The physio didn`t tell me anything very serious, so it seems to be okay. I know nobody is going to make Chris miss the final. He`s played through pain for us many times before and tomorrow won`t be any different. He gives us a good start at the top.

"In any team, once he is going, it`s good for the team. We have the resources in the batting line-up to click if Gayle doesn`t give us that start tomorrow.

"Tomorrow is about every single person doing what it takes to get the team over the line."
Sammy informed that opener David Warner`s comments during the West Indies innings pumped them up as they demolished the Australians in clinical style.

"Probably at the starting of our bowling innings, Warner should have kept his mouth shut and that just got everybody even more pumped up to get out there and beat the Australians. We`re looking to do that again tomorrow.

The all-rounder said that the key to his team`s success has been a combination of a lot of things.
"It`s little bit of everything. Guys are enjoying their cricket. Once we play the way we know how to, the passion and the pride just comes out in the cricket and on the field of play. It`s just been that. Guys working towards one cause, and it shows out there."

The final match has been billed as a battle between `Gentlemen Captains` and Sammy laughed like a child at the mention of that.

"Mahela is a very nice guy. Probably if you put it to vote, I only have a couple media and you will have all of Sri Lanka and I wouldn`t stand a chance. But it`s good that you guys find us very friendly and nice. I will continue being that way."