Tendulkar opposes ‘flawed’ umpire review system

Sydney: Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who has always been a major obstacle for the Australians, is also a formidable opponent of the umpire decision review system (UDRS) as he considers the technology not to be 100 percent accurate.

Tendulkar has been very public in saying that the UDRS is too flawed to be in universal operation.

Speaking after his superb 214 against the Australians in the second Test at Bangalore, Tendulkar said: If we know that it is fool-proof ... you have to find something that is close to 100 per cent.”

“Last time when I saw hot-spot, it was rather good and I was quite impressed with that. I thought it was good. You cannot expect overnight results that can give you 100 per cent, it is quite good but we need to be convinced,” he said.

“There were occasions in the past where we were not convinced at all. I thought the lines were not correct and that’s my personal opinion,” an Australian newspaper quoted him, as saying.

The occasions Tendulkar mentioned took place during a series in Sri Lanka in 2008, when the system was in its trial phase.

The use of competing technologies - Hawk-Eye and Virtual Eye - to chart the path of the ball for lbw verdicts has also been a factor, and broadcasters have admitted that there were times in the past when equipment was not lined up as precisely as it should have been.