Tendulkar’s historic 100th ton ‘just an artificial record for him’: UK paper

London: India’s finest cricketer Sachin Tendulkar completed his century of centuries but this just is an artificial record for the Little Master, something of statistical irrelevance for him, an opinion piece in the Guardian has claimed.

Tendulkar is already a modern cricketing great, and the 100th century just added to his already burgeoning reputation of being the best player to embrace the sport, but for the master blaster it was nothing but just another record, it said.

The fact that Tendulkar, now 38, has scored exactly 100 centuries in India’s colours is, a statistical irrelevance, it added.

According to the paper, Tendulkar has already achieved a stature in his country, which many would envy of. He is already treated as a cricketing god in India, and his magical feat would just add to the frenzy.

His every move is scrutinized, his celebrity, the sheer adoration that he embraces from a country of a billion people, is perhaps unmatched in the history of sport. His image is everywhere, yet it doesn’t deter him, it said.

Tendulkar`s genius needs no further augmentation here, or indeed anywhere. One more century, which he has finally achieved against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup in Dhaka, makes him neither a better player nor worse, it added.

His longevity in the games gives him an unparalleled practical knowledge of batting at the highest level and nothing is left to chance, it concluded.