Tensions between Buchanan and Wright in New Zealand cricket

Wellington: There is tension simmering in New Zealand Cricket (NZC) between director of cricket John Buchanan and coach John Wright.

NZC chief executive David White admitted that there is "positive tension" between the two, but said would be surprised if that would prevented Wright from extending his contract as the coach of the national team.

After New Zealand`s 0-1 loss in the Test series to South Africa, speculation is rife about Wright`s future with the team. The former New Zealand captain will be in charge of the team during the tour to West Indies in June and his contract expires after the conclusion of the series in August.

Wright`s future with the team depends on his relationship with Buchanan.

White admitted that there are issues between the two and preferred to call it positive tension.

"In any professional sporting organisation you have strong people and sometimes you have positive tension. Sometimes that`s a good thing because you get outcomes," White said.

"They`re strong personalities. I`ve got no issue with the structure and they`re the reporting lines. It works pretty well but at times there is robust debate."

Askef if Wright would not seek an extension due to his issues with the Australia, White said: "I certainly don`t think that`s the case."

White said the coaching role should be confirmed by the end of April.

"Obviously it`s a priority for NZC. We`ll give John some space, it`s been a long period of cricket, and then we`ll sit down and discuss the future," he said.

Buchanan, the former Australia coach, had disbanded the previous selection panel and roped in Australian Kim Littlejohn as national selection manager.

Buchanan also gave Wright the veto power in selection table, but the Australian also takes keen interest in selection meetings.