England vs Australia: 4th Ashes Test, Day 2 - As it happened...

At the end of second day's play, England are on the verge of winning the fourth Test at Trent Bridge and regain the Ashes. Ben Stokes took five wickets to put England in drivers's seat after they had gained a 331 first innings lead. Australia still need 90 more runs to avoid an innings defeat.

England vs Australia: 4th Ashes Test, Day 2 - As it happened...

At the end of second day's play, England are on the verge of winning the fourth Test at Trent Bridge and regain the Ashes. Ben Stokes took five wickets to put England in drivers's seat after they gained a 331 first innings lead. Australia still need 90 more runs to avoid an innings defeat.

Australia 2nd Innings & 60
England 391/9d


Over 62.2 || Score 241/7 (Voges 48, Starc 0)

After the fall of Mitchell Johnson's wicket, the play continued for another two deliveries - bowled by Mark Wood, before the umpires signaled the end of second day's play. Bad light!

After the day's play, England are on the verge of winning the match and regaining the series. Australia, fighting hard, are on 241 runs losing seven wickets. And they still need mighty 90 runs to avoid innings defeat.

It could have been another two-day Test match, had England hold onto those drop chances.

Over 62 || Score 236/7 (Voges 47, Starc 0)

Ben Stokes has truely emerged as a true, match winning all-rounder. Has just got his second five-for in Test cricket.

Mitchell Johnson, who had a terrible outing with the ball, managed to survive only 16 balls. He tried to block a fullish delivery from Stokes, but the ball - with a hint of swing - got an edge and carried to Alastair Cook at first slip. That happened in the third delivery of the over. Stokes figure: 16-4-35-5.

Mitchell Johnson c Alastair Cook b Ben Stokes 5 (16b)

Mitchell Starc joined Voges in the centre.

Over 60 || Score 231/6 (Voges 46, Johnson 1)

Ben Stokes search for that fifth wicket in the 60th over ended with high full toss at Adam Voges. But with more than five overs play left in today's play, he can still expect to get the magic figure.

In between, Voges has been playing a gem of an innings, keeping cool amidst the ruin.

Over 57.3 || Score 224/6 (Voges 42, Johnson 0)

A tidy, encouraging 50-run partnership between Adam Voges and Peter Nevill broken with an inswinger delivery trapping the Aussie wicket-keeper in front of the wicket. Umpire Ravi has no hesitation in raising the finger, and the review called by Nevill confirmed it.

Peter Nevill lbw b Ben Stokes 17 (57b)

Ben Stokes has four wickets and he has been impressive today. Mitchell Johnson arrived in the centre.

Over 55 || Score 214/5 (Voges 42, Nevill 10)

After a lenghty rest, Stuart Broad returned in the 55th over. And Adam Voges played out a maiden over; blocking, leaving, ducking...

In the last five overs, Australia have managed to score 24 runs with majority of runs coming from the blade of Voges. Peter Nevill, on the other hand, has been keeping a close guard to his wicket.

Australia still trail by 117 runs with 5 wickets remaining.

Over 50 || Score 190/5 (Voges 29, Nevill 3)

After fifty overs play in Australia's second innings, 190 runs have been scored with the help of 25 fours and two sixes. Playing with a first inning deficit of 331 runs, Aussie openers posed a healthy 113 stand to give them a realistic chance of forcing a draw, but they lost five wickets.

Australia still need 141 runs to put England into bat.

Over 46 || Score 178/5 (Voges 23, Nevill 0)

Australia have freezed their scoring and in the last five overs, they have added only four runs in their grand total. Adam Voges has consumed 50 deliveries for his 23 while, Peter Nevill is yet to open his account and he has already faced 19 deliveries. Test match, for sure.

For England, Mark Wood and Steven Finn have been operating in tandem.

Over 41 || Score 174/5 (Voges 20, Nevill 0)

Australia's little resistance, of 10 overs, broken after Alastair Cook and Ian Bell completed a relay-catch off the bowling of Mark Wood. And the wicket, that of Michael Clarke.

Clarke, who was looking to fight his own demons rather than the English attack, perished trying to push a not-so-great delivery. Cook, at first slip, had the first go for a catch, but spilled only to see Bell completing it at the second slip, from the spill.

Michael Clarke c Ian Bell b Mark Wood 13 (37b)

Peter Nevill joined Voges in the centre. Australia, in those 11 over period, added 30 runs without taking too many risks. They now 157 trial by runs more.

Over 30 || Score 144/4 (Clarke 2, Voges 2)

After the Tea, Australia added another six runs.

Ben Stokes conceded a double, to Michael Clarke, off the first delivery, then after four dot balls, a short ball flew for four byes.

Australia still trail by 183 runs with 6 wickets in hand. Huge task in hand for Clarke.

Over 29 || Score 138/4 (Clarke 0, Voges 2)

Another wicket before the TEA. This time Steven Smith. Stuart Broad got his first scalp of the innings, thanks to a careless shot from the top-ranked Test batsman. He poked another widish delivery and Ben Stokes took the catch at short point.

Steven Smith c Ben Stokes b Stuart Broad 5 (9b)

After a good opening stand, Australia have lost four wickets in the space of 27 deliveries. England are on the cusp of regaining the urn.

Adam Voges joined his skipper in the centre and have taken a double off the very first ball he faced.

Over 28 || Score 136/3 (Smith 5, Clarke 0)

Ben Stokes, again. The right arm pace bowler struck for three successive overs, all off final deliveries of each over.

Shaun Marsh started his innings with a dot ball block, then took a double, before blocking the next three deliveries. But in the last delivery, he failed to read the line and poked at the outswinger, which ended as a catch at third slip. Joe Root completed the catch.

Shaun Marsh c Joe Root b Ben Stokes 2 (6b)

​Michael Clarke joined Smith in the centre. In the previous over, Smith got a four off the first ball, bowled by Broad.

Over 26 || Score 130/2 (Smith 1, Marsh 0)

Ben Stokes struck again. David Warner must have been carried away after reaching the half century, and the Aussie opener played a mistimed pull-sot and Stuart Broad took the catch at mid-on.

David Warner c Stuart Broad b Ben Stokes 64 (74b)

With those two quick wickets, Australia will need to rebuild the innings again.

Shaun Marsh joined Steven Smith in the centre. Australia still trailed by 201 runs.

Over 25 || Score 128/1 (Warner 63, Smith 0)

A good over for Australia after the fall of Chris Rogers' wicket. David Warner started with a double, then a top-edged six over the third man, A dot ball, then another double, before hitting a four on the leg side. He ended Mark Wood's over with a single. 15 runs from it.

Warner also reached his fifty in the process.

Over 24 || Score 113/1 (Warner 47, Smith 0)

What a catch at fourth slip by Joe Root. Brilliant reflex action to cling to the ball, after diving onto his left for a single handed take. And Chris Rogers failed to capitalize from the life he got in the previous over.

Chris Rogers c Joe Root b Ben Stokes 52 (83b)

The over started with David Warner taking a single off Ben Stokes, then a single from Rogers after a dot ball. A leg-bye single followed, before the last delivery wicket.

Steven Smith joined Warner in the centre.

Over 23 || Score 110/0 (Rogers 51, Warner 47)

Finally, England got the break. No, it's no-ball. And Chris Rogers got a lifeline. Mark Wood, who put everything into the delivery, was overstepping, by tiniest of margins. It happened in the third ball of the over. And the very next delivery, England players shouted, jumped in unison probably to fool the umpire for a widish delivery which was miles off Rogers' bat.

Wood started the 23rd over with four byes, then Rogers punished him, flicking for another four, then that no-ball. After all the drama, Rogers reached his fifty with a four off the fifth ball, slashing over the slip cordon. Huge over, 13 runs.

In the previous over, Ben Stokes produced yet another maiden over, played out by David Warner. 

Over 21 || Score 97/0 (Rogers 43, Warner 47)

Alastair Cook brought back Mark Wood into the attack. The pace bowler conceded two runs, a double to Chris Rogers to mark his return.

Australia have kept up the brisk scoring rate, at over four and half an over. They now have another 234 runs to erase in the innings deficit.

Over 20 || Score 95/0 (Rogers 41, Warner 47)

In the last three overs, Australia have added another 13 runs. Both the openers have crossed their respective forties. Ben Stokes bowled his maiden over, the 18th over of the innings. Then, Moeen Ali was taken to the cleaners by Chris Rogers. He hit two fours off the 19th over. In the 20th over, David Warner got a four off the second delivery of Stokes over.

Over 17 || Score 82/0 (Rogers 33, Warner 42)

Moeen Ali's second over went for five runs. Chris Rogers, after blocking the first three balls, came down and drove beautifully through the covers for a four. He then took a single off the last ball of the over to make it a five-run over.

Over 16 || Score 77/0 (Rogers 28, Warner 42)

A milestone for Test cricket in England. Ben Stokes bowled the millionth legal delivery and it went for a four from the blade of David Warner. David Warner had blocked the previous, first delivery of the over. The Aussie opener then took a double after a dot ball. But a couple of balls later, he survived. Again, at the slips. This time Ian Bell failed to held on the nick at second slip.

In the previous over, Alastair Cook introduced Moeen Ali into the attack and Warner took a single off the first delivery, before Chris Rogers played out the remaining balls.

Over 14 || Score 70/0 (Rogers 28, Warner 35)

Runs coming for Australia. David Warner got two fours off Steven Finn's third over. He blocked the first delivery then, played on the leg side for the first boundary, the after a dot ball, produced a cover drive to the dismay of Finn. The over ended with a single. Nine runs from it.

Over 13 || Score 61/0 (Rogers 28, Warner 26)

Ben Stokes got his first over and leaked four runs as Australia increased the run-rate, substantially, in the last couple of overs. It's just under five an over.

Chris Rogers welcomed Stokes with a boundary, flicked beautifully. Then played out the remaining deliveries.

Over 12 || Score 57/0 (Rogers 24, Warner 26)

Change of fortunes, by the look of it now, as Chris Rogers also got into his groove. He played Steven Finn with some authority for a drive through the mid-off region. Six runs from the over.

Over 11 || Score 51/0 (Rogers 19, Warner 25)

Stuart Broad continued and England missed another chance, at the slips again. This time Chris Rogers got lucky. Four runs from the over and Australia crossed 50-run mark without losing a wicket. But they still need another 280 runs to put England into bat.

Over 10 || Score 47/0 (Rogers 16, Warner 24)

Good over for Australia. Fifteen runs from it.

Alastair Cook brought in Steven Finn for Mark Wood and Chris Rogers took a single off the first ball, then David Warner pulled the pacer for a huge six off the penultimate over.Earlier, Warner had hit two fours.

Over 9 || Score 32/0 (Rogers 15, Warner 10)

David Warner survived. Hard chance at first slip, but England captain Alastair Cook spilled the chance off the second delivery. Unlucky Stuart Broad. A maiden over nonetheless for the first innings bowling hero.

Over 8 || Score 32/0 (Rogers 15, Warner 10)

Mark Wood responded with a good over, conceding only a single, that too off a no-ball. Chris Rogers showed the respect the bowler deserved and blocked the entire over.

With a minimum of 59 overs play left today, the Aussie opening pair will need to show more than determination to survive the English onslaught.

Over 7 || Score 31/0 (Rogers 15, Warner 10)

Another good over for Australia. David Warner played with conviction and added another four runs into their total. Stuart Broad seemed to have lost his sting. After a dot ball, Warner produced a sumptuous cover drive to the applause of the crowd. Warner then played out the remaining deliveries. Good sight to those who are rooting for an Aussie revival. 

Over 6 || Score 27/0 (Rogers 15, Warner 6)

England skipper Alastair Cook persisted with Mark Wood, with four slips in place. Chris Rogers blocked the first ball, then got a couple with a flick. The Aussie opener, then played out three more deliveries, before slashing the last delivery over the slip cordon for a boundary. Six runs from the over. And Rogers seemed to have gain some confidence.

Over 5 || Score 21/0 (Rogers 9, Warner 6)

A quick over from Stuart Broad. Chris Rogers, playing with extra caution, has left good amount of deliveries and took a single off the last delivery.

Australia still require another 310 runs to put England into bat again.

Over 4 || Score 20/0 (Rogers 8, Warner 6)

Mark Wood resumed the post-Lunch action. David Warner blocked the first delivery, then took a double after a misfield at mid-off, then after a dot ball, the Aussie opener got his first boundary of the match with the ball sneaking through the point area. A dot ball followed, then a huge LBW shout as an yorker which hit Warner front foot toe seemed to crash on the stumps. England opted for review, but the original decision stood. No harm to Australia.

Over 3 || Score 14/0 (Rogers 8, Warner 0)

It's Lunch at Trent Bridge and Australia are in precarious position. They still need another 317 runs to avoid an innings defeat and the series.

Stuart Broad bowled the last over before the break. One run from it, a leg bye off the final delivery, to David Warner.

Over 2 || Score 13/0 (Rogers 8, Warner 0)

Big over for Australia. Chris Rogers milked Mark Wood for two fours off the third and fifth deliveries of the second over. The first went  through the mid-wicket reason, and the second one crased into the boundary rope, through the covers. The over started with a leg bye, to David warner. Nine runs from the over. But they still need another 318 runs to put England into bat again.

Over 1 || Score 4/0 (Rogers 0, Warner 0)

Good first over from Stuart Broad. Got enough life from the pitch and on the penultimate delivery of the over, he got a LBW shout but the umpire turned down. Ball seemed to miss the bails on Chris Rogers' off stump.

Four runs from the over as a leg bye off the fourth delivery went for a boundary after deflecting from Rogers' leg side.

Over 85.2 || Score 391/9 (Broad 24, Finn 0)

And Alastair Cook has called in Broad and Finn. That's the declaration from England. They have a lead of 331 runs.

Australia, after yesterday morning's horrendous outing, somehow failed to contain the English batsman - given the assist English bowlers got from the pitch. Mitchell Starc was the stand out bowler, taking six wickets two lesser than Broad's count. Surprisingly, Mitchell Johnson's return was only wicket, that too at the fag end of the English innings.

Over 85 || Score 391/9 (Broad 24, Finn 0)

Moeen Ali, in a bid to increase the scoring rate perished, to Mitchell Johnson, thanks to a brilliant catch at second slip by Steven Smith. It happened in the second delivery of the 84th over. This is Johnson's first wicket of the match!

Moeen Ali c Steven Smith b Mitchell Johnson 38 (24b)

But more importantly for England, despite these quick falls of wickets, their lead has been extended to 331 runs.

Steven Finn is the new man out there.

Over 80 || Score 353/8 (Ali 18, Broad 7)

England lost another wicket, in the form of Ben Stokes, without troubling the scorers. 

Ben Stokes c Peter Nevill b Josh Hazlewood 5 (10b)

Bowling hero Stuart Broad joined Moeen Ali in the centre as England increased their first innings lead to 298 runs.

Score 328/7 | Over 75

Mitchell Starc bowled the perfect yorker to send Mark Woods' leg stump flying. The nightwatchman had no answer to the speedster's precision as England lost their 2nd wicket of the day. That was Starc's 5th wicket of the innings and the Aussie fans will agree he has been the only bright spot for the tourists on this Ashes tour. Swashbucking wicketkeeper-batsman walked out to the middle to give Stoke company. However Starc made certain Butler did not damage as he cleaned up the right-hander with an inswinger in yet another fine display of world-class fast bowling. Moeen Ali is the new man in for England.

Buttler b Starc 12 (11b)

M Wood b Starc 28 (32b)

Score 297/5 | Over 71

Joe Root was the first man to be dismissed on Day 2 for England. The vice-captain departed after playing a fine knock of 130 runs. Mitchell Starc provided Australia the much-needed breakthrough as he induced an edge of the right-hander's bat off a booming drive. The keeper didn't have to do much and completed a very simple catch. Ben Stokes is the new man in for England. The Trent Bridge crowd gave Root a wonderful reception as he walked off the pitch.

J Root c Nevill b Starc 130 (176b)

Day 1 roundup

On the first day England pacer Stuart Broad took a stunning eight wickets for 15 runs, including two in the very first over of the day, as England dismissed Australia for just 60 on the fast-medium bowler`s Nottinghamshire home ground.

Australia were all out in 18.3 overs -- the shortest completed first innings of a match in the 138-year history of Test cricket.

Joe Root then got into the act and made sure the party was right and alive by striking an unbeaten century to add to Australia`s misery as England reached stumps on 274 for four, a lead of 214 runs.

Root was 124 not out after putting on 173 for the fourth wicket with Yorkshire team-mate Jonny Bairstow (74).

Day 2 is crucial as England will look to bat well an pile up the runs that will be beyond Australia's reach. An innings victory could be on the cards here. Given Australia's shabby batting in the past three innings, the visitors look unlikely to mount a challenge that could see them save this Test match. Four days are still left and England could well make a memorable victory by tomorrow itself.

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