Too early to ask for Srinivasan's resignation, says Dalmiya

Zee Media Bureau

Chennai: CAB President Jagmohan Dalmiya, who was on Sunday appointed as interim chief of the BCCI, has said that N Srinivasan stepping aside is the best possible option at the time.

In an interview to an English news channel, he expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting and rejected claims that some members had asked for Srinivasan’s resignation.

He further said it was too early to ask Srinivasan to resign and completely rejected the theory that him being appointed as interim chief is a compromise. "I think the members felt it was too fast to demand his resignation," Dalmiya said.

Earlier in the day, Shirke and Bindra had claimed in television interviews that a few voices were raised for Srinivasan's resignation.

He also refuted claims that Srinivasan's resignation had been sought by some members. "Nobody had asked for his resignation. I can say nobody came forward. It was unnecessary, like going after a punching bag," the CAB President said.

Srinivasan had also claimed that no voices were raised for his resignation. "After discussions, I announced I will not discharge my duty till the probe is completed. In the meanwhile, because the Board has to function, the Board asked Mr (Jagmohan) Dalmiya to take care of the things," Srinivasan had said after the meeting.

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