Trott ready for Australian challenge during Ashes

London: England batsman Jonathan Trott has said he must thrive under continuous pressure in Australia, and added that any jibes about his heritage during the Ashes, will fall on deaf ears.

Australia’s skipper Ricky Ponting started a war-of-words ahead of the Ashes showdown by claiming half of England’s team are not real Poms.

South African-born Trott, who has an English father, is ready to take any flak that comes his way, The Sun reports.

“I have never been to Australia but I am going there with my eyes wide open and I am expecting it to be pretty full on,” he said.

“The Australians are team who put a lot of pressure on you as a player both on and off the pitch. Some people like it and others don’t,” Trott said.

“You have to be able to thrive on it because you are setting yourself up to fail otherwise - remember this is Test cricket not garden cricket,” he added.