Use DRS in all series: FICA

Melbourne: International Players` Union chief Tim May said the ICC should ensure usage of the Decision Review System in every Test series as selective implementation is "unfair and confusing".

"Test cricket must be played on a consistent basis from country to country and from series to series," May said in a statement.

"It is unfair and confusing to players, spectators, broadcasters, sponsors and the fans watching at home on television, if one series is played under the UDRS (umpire decision review system) and the next series without," he said.

The DRS has been opposed by the powerful Indian Cricket Board and South Africa as the cost of technological installation for putting the system to use is quite high and has to be borne by the hosts.

But May said implementing the system in one series and scrapping for the next is tough on both the umpires and the players.

"We must also put ourselves in the shoes of the umpires - it must be incredibly difficult for them to umpire from series to series without any continuity of the UDRS," he said.

"We do understand that some countries may have some funding issues with providing the minimum, and we have a level of understanding with such concerns, but FICA do not understand why the ICC has given the visiting team the discretion to reject the technology that the home board will provide," he added.

May said the ICC should act firmly and ensure implementation of the system in all the series.

"It essentially says that countries can do what they like ... the ICC needs to adopt a firm policy - it`s either applicable in all Tests or none," he said.

May was part of the ICC cricket committee which recommended that the system, under which umpires can refer to video technology on close decisions and players can challenge decisions, be implemented in all the Test series.