Waugh advises team captains to keep criticisms `behind closed doors`

Updated: Jul 07, 2013, 11:38 AM IST

Sydney: Former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh has said that it is important to keep any criticisms that a captain or a coach might have of any of his players, behind closed doors.

Under the captaincy of Waugh, who is widely regarded as one of Australia`s great leaders on any field, the team was the benchmark of world cricket, with his players even describing it as a `family`.

Stating that trust and honesty are important foundations for a team, Waugh, set to launch his book `The Meaning of Luck: Stories of Learning, Leadership and Love`, said that he has always believed that praise should be done publicly while any criticism or advice should be kept behind the scenes so as not to cause any negative issues in the team.

Waugh said that he also believes that the Australian team has been too open in its thinking rather than keeping their thoughts behind closed doors, adding that great teams are made by keeping a positive front and constantly seeking out ways to improve.

According to Waugh, a team is in trouble as soon as its captain stops trying to improve himself, adding that it is important to ensure that every player keeps on trying to improve continually to stop the team from stagnating and going backwards without anything to aspire for.

Waugh also said that it is important that every person in the team, including coaches and the support staff, strives for improvement.

Waugh further said that success and spirit was not simply built on the once-in-a-generation players, including Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne that he had at his disposal.