Waugh rules out coaching Indian cricket team

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2011, 10:35 AM IST

Kolkata: Legendary Australian captain Steve Waugh has ruled out coaching the Indian cricket team once South African Gary Kirsten steps down from the post after the World Cup.

“Gary Kirsten was a certain choice because he was not certainly in the focus of the media. He was low profile. Coaching becomes a trouble when coach becomes the face giving lot of interviews. That’s not the job of the coach. The coach’s job has to be in the background. Gary did a great job,” said Waugh while speaking at an event here.

“For me I am much more interested in mentoring players. I am mentoring few players of Olympic team of Australia. I am really enjoying it. I like this challenge. Coaching the Indian side would be challenging.”

“But I think there are always better options. There are other better Indian players to do this job. I think this is a job for a low profile individual. I feel this is not the job of Sourav Ganguly or Steve Waugh where there would be too much media glare,” said Waugh.