Waugh wants Oz, NZ to “go hard” on Howard’s rejection

Sydney: Australia’s former skipper Steve Waugh, who is a philanthropist providing seriously ill children and their families with hope and comfort, wants Cricket Australia and New Zealand to “go hard” and demand to know why former Prime Minister John Howard’s candidature as the International Cricket Council’s vice-president was overturned by the powerful Afro-Asia bloc.

“I’m disappointed the reasons why John Howard wasn’t elected weren’t made clear,” Waugh said.

“It has been kept quiet. No one said why he was blocked. That’s the real concern, not that he wasn’t elected, but we don’t know why. When something is done in such a clandestine manner, people do get suspicious,” he said.

“If we know the reasons why, it could be acceptable. Australia and New Zealand must go in hard and ask questions why this has happened and if the reason is acceptable, then find a new candidate,” The Sydney Morning Herald quoted him, as saying.



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