West Indies vs India, 1st T20I: As it happened...

Welcome to our live coverage of West Indies-India 1st Twenty20 International match being played at Central Broward Regional Park Stadium Turf Ground, Lauderhill.

West Indies vs India, 1st T20I: As it happened...

Mighty over from Dwayne Bravo. First ball, catch gone down, dropped by Marlon Samuels, then singles and a doubles. India needing two runs off the last ball, Dhoni gently played at Samuels, and the West Indian fielder found redemption with a catch. There were mind games running too, and the last ball took more than six/seven runs to bowl.

India, after conceding 245, were on track to become the highest success chaser in T20 Internationals, but MS Dhoni ended with a whimper. Needing 8 runs from the last over, scored only seven runs, without a boundary.


The match also witnessed two youngsters, Evin Lewis of West Indies and Lokesh Rahul of India hitting maiden centuries.


Over 20 || Score 244/4 (KL Rahul 110)

What a way to start the final over. India needing eight runs, MS Dhoni got thick edge and Marlon Samuels dropped a sitter of all sitters at short third man. A single.

A single, then a leg bye. Singles will not do the job for India. A single more. Two balls, and India need four runs.

Two runs off the fifth ball to keep MS Dhoni on strike. India need 2 runs off 1 ball. Good time taking for the last ball. Five minutes, give or take...

And MS Dhoni ended up offering an easy catch to Marlon Samuels at short third man.

WICKET: MS Dhoni c Marlon Samuels b Dwayne Bravo 43 (25b)

And India lost by one run. Bravo is champion, again.

Over 19 || Score 236/3 (KL Rahul 108; Dhoni 40)

A single to start the penultimate over. MS Dhoni wanted the second run, but Lokesh Rahul denied, getting the strike. Andre Russell then produced brilliant bouncer for a dot ball.

But KL Rahul responded with a six, over third man. And his maiden T20I ton, off 46 balls. Then, a four to sweeper cover. In the pressure, Russell bowled a wide, down the leg. Rahul played the next ball towards long off fielder, for a double.

Another double followed to make it a 16-run over. India need 8 runs from the last over, to be bowled by Dwayne Bravo?

Rahul and Dhoni also posted 101 runs from 43 balls from the fourth wicket stand.

Andre Russell's figures: 4-0-53-1

Over 18 || Score 222/3 (KL Rahul 94; Dhoni 39)

Loose delivery to start the 18th over, and MS Dhoni coolly played fine, down the leg, for a four. As expected Dwayne Bravo responded with a dot ball. Bravo attempted a yorker, but two runs off with Dhoni and Lokesh Rahul running for guns. A single, then a great yorker to floor Rahul, who was coming down the pitch. Huge shout for LBW, but it will be a huge ask for any umpire to derive to a decision. One leg bye, then a single to end the over.

Nine runs from the over. Massive effort from Bravo. India need another 24 runs from 12 balls.

Over 17 || Score 213/3 (KL Rahul 94; Dhoni 31)

Andre Russell returned for his third over. A dot ball to MS Dhoni to start the new spell. A wide, then the second legitimate ball was dismissed by MS Dhoni over the long-off boundary for a huge six.

Dhoni reached out to play the next ball, on off the off stump. But a dot ball, as the fielder at cover was alert.

But the next ball, which was a wide off the off, was picked by Dhoni and pocketed deep in the mid-wicket stands. Humongous!

After a brief time out, a single to Dhoni. Then, Lokesh Raul hit the last ball of the over for a massive six, and he moved into the nineties.

20 runs from the over, and India need 33 runs from 18 balls.

Over 16 || Score 193/3 (KL Rahul 88; Dhoni 18)

Kieron Pollard on for his third over, and three runs off the first ball as MS Dhoni and Lokesh Rahul produced a stunning display of running between the wickets.

Two singles followed. Then, Rahul played a well controlled cut shot for a four, gliding down the third man area.

A single followed, then another single. 11 runs from the over. India need another 53 runs from 24 balls.

Skipper Carlos Brathwaite completed his spell with the previous over, for figures of 4-0-47-0.

Over 15 || Score 182/3 (KL Rahul 82; Dhoni 13)

Lokesh Rahul is doing what West Indies batsmen have done with Indian bowlers. Hitting first balls for boundaries.

A six to start the 15th over. A confident batsman stooped and lofted the ball over third man. Carlos Brathwiate did well to restrict the next two balls for two singles.

A double from Rahul off the fourth ball. Then, a yorker from Brathwaite hit Rahul at an awkward place on the foot. And he's down. Medical attention for him even as as his name resonates the stadium.

Then, he played a sumptuous cover drive to the over with a four as if nothing has ever happened. 14 runs from the over.

India still need another 64 runs from 30 balls. Still a huge ask.

Over 14 || Score 168/3 (KL Rahul 69; Dhoni 12)

Sunil Narine returned for his third over, and he was welcomed with a six by a confident Lokesh Rahul. The Indian batsman came down the pitch and lofted high and mighty.

A dot ball, then Rahul played a reverse sweep effectively, for a four. A double, then Narine was stopped in the run-up. Rahul wasn't ready. He wiped the floor with his boots, then a wide. Looked like a good tactics from the batsman to stopped in the run-up.

It was followed by a miss field at long on boundary by Kieron Pollard to give Rahul another boundary. A single to end the over.

18 runs from the over, and India need another 78 runs from 36 overs.

Narine's figures so far: 3-0-50-0.

Over 13 || Score 150/3 (KL Rahul 52; Dhoni 12)

Captain to captain. Carlos Brathwaite on for his third over, and the first ball of the new spell went for a four as his opposite number found the space in deep backward square leg area.

A double followed, then two singles. Another double, then Dhoni hit a mighty straight drive, which was miraculously stopped by Kieron Pollard. No injury. luckily for the big West Indian. Only two runs.

12 runs from the over.

Over 12 || Score 138/3 (KL Rahul 51; Dhoni 1)

Kieron Pollard on for his second over, and a dot ball to Lokesh Rahul to start the spell. Rahul hit the next ball for a four, and brought up his fifty, off 26 balls.

A single, then a wide. A dot ball, then Pollard had the last laugh, removing Rohit Sharma. The Indian opener picked up the man stationed at deep mid-wicket, Johnson Charles.

WICKET: Rohit Sharma c Johnson Charles b Kieron Pollard 62 (28b)

Thus arrived Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhonin in the centre.

Good over for the West Indies. Seven runs and a wicket. Indian still need 108 runs from 48 balls.

Over 11 || Score 131/2 (Sharma 62; KL Rahul 46)

Lokesh Rahul hit the first ball of the over, a low full toss from Dwayne Bravo, dissecting the fielders at long on and deep mid-wicket. A single followed, to give strike back to Rohit Sharma.

A single to rotate the strike. A well timed flick shot resulted in one run. Then, another miss field from West Indies. A single turned into a double. Johnson Charles, pity.

A gift from Bravo to Rohit. The Indian opener creamed the los full toss for a six over deep mid-wicket.

15 runs from the over.

Over 10 || Score 116/2 (Sharma 53; KL Rahul 40)

Kieron Pollard into the attack, and three runs off the first ball as West Indies fielders messed up. A single was there, but an overthrow resulted in two extra runs. A single for Lokesh Rahul, then a a six from the blade of Rohit Sharma. The opener thus reached his fifty, off 22 balls. A single, then a dot ball.

A single for Rahul, to end the 12-run over.

Over 9 || Score 104/2 (Sharma 43; KL Rahul 38)

Carlos Brathwaite continued with his second over. Two singles off the first two balls, and 50 run stand between Rohit and Rahul in 3.4 overs.

Then a four from Rahul, played from leg stump, and found the gap. A dot ball, then a double followed. Mighty relief for Rahul. Andre Russell, a brilliant fielder, dropped a relatively easier catch at third man area.

A dot ball to end the 8-run over. India need another 142 runs from 11 overs. Just about 13 runs an over.

Over 8 || Score 96/2 (Sharma 42; KL Rahul 31)

Sunil Narine continued for his second over. A double to Rohit Sharma, then a dot ball.

But the Indian opener hit two successive sixes, reducing the off spinner to a mere spectator. A gentle push towards mid-wicket from Rohit to rotate the strike. Brilliant.

A single from KL Rahul to end the 16-run over.

Over 7 || Score 80/2 (Sharma 27; KL Rahul 30)

Skipper Carlos Brathwaite brought himself into the attack. A single to Rohit Sharma to start the spell. Another single to KL Rahul, then another single as Indian resorted themselves to rotating the strike.

Rahul took a double off the fourth ball, to third man. It was followed by a four, to backward point. Then another four, through sweeper cover.

That's class from Rahul. 13 runs from the over.

India still need another 166 runs from 13 overs.

Over 6 || Score 67/2 (Sharma 25; KL Rahul 19)

Bowling change for West Indies. Sunil Narine on and Lokesh Rahul took the mystery bowler to the cleaners. A four to start, then a six over the mid-off.

A dot ball, then a double. It was followed by a classic drive coming down the wicket, for a four.

A dot ball, and 16 runs from the over.

Over 5 || Score 51/2 (Sharma 25; KL Rahul 3)

Virat Kohli continued attacking, hitting the first ball of the over for a four, through third man area. Two singles followed, then the huge wicket.

WICKET: Virat Kohli c Andre Fletcher b Dwayne Bravo 16 (9b)

Brillaint take from wicket-keeper Andre Fletcher, diving on his left.

Lokesh Rahul joined Rohit Sharma in the centre.

Nine runs from the over. India need another 195 runs from 15 overs.

Over 4 || Score 42/1 (Sharma 24; Kohli 11)

Virat Kohli just arrived and already in the thick of actions. A dot ball to start the fourth over, bowled by Samuel Badree. But Kohli hit the next ball for a four, a cover drive of highest class. Then a double, followed by a cracking drive through mid-off. A single to end the over.

11 runs from the over.

Over 3 || Score 31/1 (Sharma 24; Kohli 0)

Andre Russell continued for his second over, and a four  as Ajinkya Rahane found the gap in the deep backward area.

A leg bye followed, after a nasty hit to the helmet. A well directed bouncer. Medical attention for Rahane. He looked fine. Brief stoppage.

Rohit timed the next ball, and two runs for the effort. Then, quick reaction from Rohit to play the fuller delivery for a four. Brilliant pull shot.

Lucky for him though, as his attempted hook shot got the height but no distance. The ball landed in front of Lendl Simmons at backward square leg, for a single.

Then, magic from Dwayne 'Champion' Bravo. Unbelievable catch to send back Rahane. Bravo took a flying catch at square leg. And the West Indians celebrated.

WICKET: Ajinkya Rahane c Dwayne Bravo b Andre Russell 7 (7b)

Thus arrived chase master Virat Kohli in the centre.

Over 2 || Score 19/0 (Sharma 17; Rahane 2)

Spin to join West Indian attack. Samuel Badree, the lanky leg spinner, started with a dot ball to Rohit Sharma. Then, the Indian opener slapped the next ball over backward point for the first boundary of the innings.

It was followed by another four, through cover. Then a single, as strike rotation comes into play.

A single from the blade of Ajinkya Rahane followed. Then, Rohit Sharma played a sumptuous lofted cover drive to end the over with a four.

14 runs from the over.

Over 1 || Score 5/0 (Sharma 4; Rahane 1)

After quick innings break, India's chase started with Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane opening the innings.

Andre Russell got the new ball, and the first ball went for a double as Rohit played a good looking cover drive.

It was followed by two singles, then a chance for run out. Direct hit would have meant doom for Rohit at non-striker's end.

Then, a dot ball to Rahane. A bouncer from Russell to end the over. Five runs from the over. Quiet start from the Indians.

Innings recap: Chris Gayle was out injured, but in Johnson Charles and Evin Lewis, West Indies have found two brilliant openers. They have posted 126 run for first wicket inside ten overs.

Then, it was all about India playing catch up. The total of 245 is the third highest in T20I. The innings witnessed 13 sixes and 21 fours.


Over 20 || Score 245/6 (Bravo 1; Samuels 1)

A front-foot no-ball to start the last over. Kieron Pollard hit back, but Jasprit Bumrah was quick to field and hit the stumps at non-striker's end. Run out Carlos Brathwaite.

WICKET: Carlos Brathwaite run out 14 (10b)

But still a free-hit, and it was milked for a six by Pollard over wide long-on boundary.

Two singles followed with Dwayne Bravo and Pollard rotating the strike. But Pollard, looking a cheeky sweep, exposed his wickets and clean bowl.

WICKET: Kieron Pollard b Jasprit Bumrah 22 (15b)

New man Lendl Simmon lasted only one ball, as he was bowled by his Mumbai Indians team-mate for a golden duck.

WICKET: Lendl Simmons b Jasprit Bumrah 0 (1b)

Not hat-trick for Bumrah as the last ball went for a single, off the blade of Marlons Samuels. Bumrah's figures: 4-0-47-2.

With that West Indies posted their highest T20 International score.

Over 19 || Score 235/3 (Pollard 15; Brathwaite 14)

Penultimate over to Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Good bowling from the right-handed medium pacer. A single off the first ball, as Kieron Pollard failed to timed his lofted drive. A dot ball, wide yorker outside off stump. A single, then a wide. Leg cutter gone awry.

It was followed by a massive six from Pollard. Swing and gone over deep mid-wicket.

A single followed, then a dot ball to end the 10-run over. Bhuvi's figures: 4-0-43-0.

Over 18 || Score 225/3 (Pollard 7; Brathwaite 13)

Jasprit Bumrah on for his third over. Two runs off the first ball as Kieron Pollard played towards deep mid-wicket. A no-ball, and a single.

Free-hit was was dispatched for a four, with Carlos Brathwaite opening his blade in the last moment even as Bumrah tried a widish, low full toss.

A single, then a dot ball. Pollard tried to play a paddle sweep in the next ball, but brilliant stop from MS Dhoni behind the stumps. A single, nonetheless. A dot ball to end the over.

Still 10 runs from the over.

Over 17 || Score 215/3 (Pollard 3; Brathwaite 8)

Last over for Mohammed Shami. 10 runs from it, for figures of 4-0-48-1.

Two singles off the first two balls, then Carlos Brathwaite hit the third ball for a six over deep mid-wicket.

A dot ball, then a single. Another single to end the over.

Over 16 || Score 205/3 (Pollard 1; Brathwaite 0)

An eventful over. Ravindra Jadeja on for his third over, and a single off the first ball meant that Evin Lewis reached his maiden T20I ton in the second match.

A four off the next ball as Andre Russell continued his attacking mode. Good attempt at boundary from KL Rahul, but in vain.

Then. The wicket. Jadeja trapped Russell in front.

WICKET: Andre Russell lbw b Ravindra Jadeja 22 (12b)

A single to new man Kieron Pollard, then another wicket. This time hundred-maker Evin Lewis. Holed out at cover. Ravichandran Ashwin took a brilliant catch, running back.

WICKET: Evin Lewis c R Ashwin b R Jadeja 100 (49b)

Carlos Brathwaite joined Pollard in the centre.

Six runs and two wickets for India.

Over 15 || Score 199/1 (Lewis 99; Russell 19)

Mohammed Shami on for his third over. A single to Evin Lewis, as the fielder at short fine-leg fumbled.

Andre Russell hit the next ball for a massive six over deep mid-wicket. Russell reached out to the widish delivery, and an easy single.

On 98, Lewis gently played from back-foot for a single. And Indians wouldn't mind. A wide, finally, outside of off. A dot ball followed. Another dot ball to finish the over.

10 runs from the over.

Over 14 || Score 189/1 (Lewis 97; Russell 11)

R Ashwin on for his last over. A single to Andre Russell. Then a widish delivery which the umpire deemed legal. Evin Lewis not happy. A dot ball, then a six over square leg boundary. A dot ball, then a single to end the over.

Eight runs from the over. Ashwin's figures: 4-0-36-0.

Over 13 || Score 181/1 (Lewis 90; Russell 9)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar returned for his third over. A single off the first ball as Andre Russell picked the length ball on middle. A dot ball, from around the wicket. But Evin Lewis picked the next ball early and hit for a four through point. A single followed.

Then, came brute force as Russell dismissed the next ball for a six over mid-wicket. A single to end the over.

13 runs from the over.

Over 12 || Score 168/1 (Lewis 85; Russell 2)

Ravichandran Ashwin returned for his third over. A double to Evin Lewis to start the over, then loud cheers for Indian fans as two dot balls followed. Momentous!!

A single, then another single. A dot ball, and brilliant effort from the off spinner. Only four runs from it.

Over 11 || Score 164/1 (Lewis 82; Russell 1)

Another bowling change, and same fate awaits Stuart Binny.

The slow medium-pacer was hit a two sixes off the first two balls, then a wide. Panicked. Then, another six. Evin Lewis now took over from Johnson Charless.

Another six followed. Sequence: 6,6,Wd,6,6...

Then six number five. A little, gently hook. Yuvraj Singh was the last man to hit six sixes. A gentle full toss, but Lewis could only managed to find the long on fielder, for a single.

32 runs from the over.

Over 10 || Score 132/1 (Lewis 51; Russell 1)

Mohammed Shami returned for his second over. And a four to start the over, lofted drive over mid-wicket. A single, then Shami struck. CLEAN BOWL.

WICKET: Johnson Charles b Mohammed Shami 79 (33b)

Thus Charles missed a golden opportunity to beat Richard Levi's record fasted T20I ton.

Andre Russell joined Evin Lewis, and a single off the first ball he faced. Lewis hit the next ball for a four  between cover and point, to reach his maiden T20I fifty.

11 runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 9 || Score 121/0 (Charles 79; Lewis 41)

Poor Ravindra Jadeja. A four, then a huge six. That's how he started the ninth over. Johnson Charles is milking Indian bowlers, like no has ever done.

A drop catch. Just short of short backward point, then an overthrow rrsulting in one more run. A single followed.

A single to Evin Lewis, then the Charles hit his fourth six to end the over.

20 runs from the over. Jadeja has leaked 33 runs from his two overs.

Over 8 || Score 101/0 (Charles 60; Lewis 40)

A single to start R  Ashwin's second over. Then, a six over long-on as Johnson Charles continued to punish the Indian spinners.

A dot ball, then a double, then another dot ball. And a single to end the 10-run over.

Over 7 || Score 91/0 (Charles 51; Lewis 39)

Now Ravindra Jadeja's turn to face the Caribbean music. Evin Lewis hit the first two balls for sixes. Huge ones. First one crashed into the high hoarding, just below the VIP stand. Then, a flat six over wide long-on.

Two dot balls. Brilliant from Jadeja. A single, then a dot ball to the the 13-run over. Signs of turn. But as of now, it's raining sixes in Florida.

Over 6 || Score 78/0 (Charles 51; Lewis 26)

Another bowling change for India. Ravindran Ashwin on.

It looked like Ashwin was in control, but after two balls, the leg-spinner was taken to the cleaners with successive sixes, on either side of the wicket. With that second six, Johnson Charles has reached his fourth T20I fifty. This time he took just 21 balls.

14 runs from the over.

Over 5 || Score 64/0 (Charles 38; Lewis 25)

Jasprit Bumrah continued for his second over, and a six to start. Huge, over long-off. Windies certainly can afford to have a laugh despite losing Chris Gayle's services.

A four off the next ball. Evin Lewis played a lofted drive, and the ball trickled for the boundary rope at third man.

A single to rotate the strike. It was followed by a flat six. It was as good as any baseball hit. Bumrah certainly lost in the midst.

Brilliant batting. A single to end the over. 18 runs from it. Bumrah has leaked 27 runs from his two overs.

Over 4 || Score 46/0 (Charles 31; Lewis 14)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, and thus the flow of runs.

A dot ball to Evin Lewis to start the over. A couple off the next ball. Then, a single to Johnson Charles. But the fourth ball went for a four, played beautifully through deep square.

Then, another four, off a slower delivery. Full control as Charles flicked.

Two runs to end the 13-run over.

Over 3 || Score 33/0 (Charles 21; Lewis 11)

First bowling change for India. MS Dhoni brought in Jasprit Bumrah for the third over.

A dot ball, then a lofted shot. Lucky it didn't found a fielder at mid-on. Two runs. A slower bouncer from the bowler, but it went for a four as Evin Lewis found enough bat off a half-hearted shot, behind square.

A double followed as Lewis played through the cover. A single off the fifth ball, to mid-off. Wild swing and miss from Johnson Charles to the over.

Nine runs from the over.

Over 2 || Score 24/0 (Charles 21; Lewis 2)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar shared the new ball with Mohammed Shami. First ball to Evin Lewis, a dot ball. A single followed, then a dot ball to Johnson Charles.

It was followed by a thick outside edge, going for a four behind the wicket. A dot ball, then Charles played the next delivery through the cover for a double.

Seven runs from the over.

Over 1 || Score 17/0 (Charles 15; Lewis 1)

Mohammed Shami started the proceeding with wide, going down, missing the left stump. Then, after a dot ball, Johnson Charles lofted the second legitimate ball over long on for a huge six. It was followed by a four through mid-wicket.

A dot ball, back off length. Two singles followed, before a four – again through mid-wicker — from the blade of Charles to end the over.

17 runs from the over. Huge start for west Indies.

First ball anytime now. National anthems round done.


West Indies: Johnson Charles, Andre Fletcher (wk), Evin Lewis, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Dwayne Bravo, Carlos Brathwaite(capt.), Sunil Narine, Samuel Badree

India: Rohit Sharma, Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, MS Dhoni (wk & capt.), Stuart Binny, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah

TOSS: MS Dhoni has won the toss, and India will bowl first. But the big is – Chris Gayle is not playing, injured.


West Indies: Carlos Brathwaite (capt), Andre Fletcher, Andre Russell, Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Evin Lewis, Jason Holder, Johnson Charles, Kieron Pollard, Lendl Simmons, Marlon Samuels, Samuel Badree, Sunil Narine

India: MS Dhoni (capt), Ajinkya Rahane, Amit Mishra, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, KL Rahul, Mohammed Shami, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Stuart Binny, Umesh Yadav, Virat Kohli

West Indies face India in two Twenty20 internationals in Florida at the weekend in a litmus test for both cricket`s future in the US and Carlos Brathwaite`s credentials as Caribbean skipper.

After India cruised to victory in the Test series and in the aftermath of the Caribbean squad`s latest round of blood-letting, the sides head for the sport`s newest outpost, the Central Broward Regional Park, the only purpose-built cricket stadium in the US.


Six matches in the recent franchise-based Caribbean Premier League were played at the $10 million arena while the first full international matches, two Twenty20 games between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, were staged there in 2010.

Saturday and Sunday`s back-to-back fixtures come at a crucial time for the West Indies.

Welcome to our live coverage of West Indies-India 1st Twenty20 International match being played at Central Broward Regional Park Stadium Turf Ground, Lauderhill.

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