Whatmore says criticism as Pak coach unfair

Islamabad: Pakistan`s head coach Dav Whatmore has said that he is not alone responsible for the team`s failures and there are many others who have faulted in decision making.

According to The Express Tribune, Whatmore expressed his disapproval about the current state of affairs, implying that he was unhappy with being given less than deserved value as the team`s mentor.

The former Australia cricketer, who came to Pakistan last year with success written all over his coaching CV, has had to contend with bearing the brunt of the criticism following each of the team`s failures ever since he joined, the report said.

The recent Test defeat against Zimbabwe multiplied the calls for removal of the prominent coach, the report added.

Whatmore said that he was a soft target and there were many different groups who target him, adding that he was satisfied because he knew he was working with dedication.