Will keep trying to resolve issues with Gayle: WICB

Kingston: The West Indies Cricket Board will continue efforts to resolve its long-standing feud with rebel batsman Chris Gayle but has decided to snap contact with Players` Association chief Dinanath Ramnarine.

"WICB Management reported to the Board that the attempts to discuss and resolve issues with Chris Gayle (as it pertains to his behaviour over the past months) ended inconclusively. The WICB Management will continue efforts to resolve the issues with Mr Gayle," the WICB said in a statement after a meeting.

Gayle, who was dropped from the team after criticising the Board for not helping him enough during injury problems, and the WICB management failed to reach any agreement in the reconciliation meeting last week.

In fact, it turned out to be a stormy affair in which Ramnarine almost came to blows with WICB chief Ernest Hilaire. Miffed with his behaviour, the WICB said it would communicate with Ramnarine only when he changes his behaviour and conduct.

"The WICB will continue to treat WIPA, the representative body of the players, with the highest degree of respect and as a principal partner in West Indies cricket and will continue to engage WIPA on matters pertaining to West Indian players.


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